Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Years Res'z

Oh Dear my-lovely-jubbly-followers-who-i-adore and since im in a good mood hello my-reading-but-not-following-biatches/readers...

Christmas is over and New Years has (not-ish) officiallllllllllllllly started, im a natural party goer, loud music+hot outfit+a chair = IM there, dancing on a high up chair (ALWAYS) well this year notin much is going on, a friend is coming round and me, friend and my fam are all spending it on my mothers bed watching the telly :)......probs with a takeaway of some sore.....kinda lame but to me it sounds fun and friendly, with a fire and cozy jumpers..lovely
well as soon as we know christmas is over and the average 9000 calories is consumed, we have a brieff thought New Years Resolutions ..aka Res'z.. a lot of people do wait loss, money saving blah blah blah but these are mine:

  • In school, be more quiet in lessons and in general
  • Be me, yes in my blog u c (hopefully) the calm cool and collected girl, but im always over exuberent, over excited, over energetic. i might b like that but this year i really want to be me, find my true character and be it!
  • Pursue my architecture dream, continue being more creative with my architecture and focus more on it then my shallow side.
  • Find my hobbies and extra activities:                                                  I  appaz photograph beautifully (i for some reason question my beauty) and i would love to try modelling, even whilst watching this im watching America's Next Top Model (cycle 15 episode 10, wait just finished that now episode 11), i would love to also maybe do some more on my drumming, i've done drum lessons for the past for years AND i am quite good but done no grades nd id like to pursue it furthur. Hmmm also my cookies: Cookies.Inc my website is perdicookies.blogspot.com is my company for my own recipe cookies. 
  • Deal with my emotions properly! nobody excepts my mum knows this but i deal with anger so badly. I dont need anger management but i get soo angry and keep it all in! My sisters, dad, parents, life, school, teachers, friends and this ALL causes me grief which instantly turns into anger. My sister, eldest, turns everything into depression and my other sister turns everything overdramatic sadness/crying. And my anger is probably the most volatile of all but i never know when im going to break down so i guess i need to work on that and start gently letting stuff out. :)
  • Lose 1st losing weight cheers me up and ends up lightening my mood when im able to wear just tank tops or anything tight fighting, end of jan i have a bodycon dress and would love to like utterly FABULOUS.  Im not gonna do anything drastic and this is a very far in reach res since i need  it, i feel like it distracts my anger a lot to think about a far goal..
This is all i have so far but i know i want to try and achieve all of these, this time next year maybe ill say become more depressing HOPEFULLY that wont happen but lets c, merry holidays xxxx


  1. nice post!!! I have a couple of the same resolutions ;)

  2. cool cool tina, im glad u like and ur comments make my day xxxx