Wednesday, 27 October 2010

How much is the kitty in the window!!!

(title inspired by episode 5 or 6 of 90210 season 3 - not out in uk but available online - how much is the liam in the window (i dont care cause id buy him anyways, nomnomnomnomnnom))

so halloween is in the air, mm favey time of year i love that crisp smell and now i cnt wait till the 5th of november- BONFIRE NIGHT i love the smell of burning leaves and bonfires , the cold cripy air mmmmmmmmmm.......... makes me want a hot chocolate thinking about it (i like hot chocolate- OPTIONS ALL THE WAY) and as u probs wouldnt of guess im being a kittycat ma i have a little pre review-test/poll-quiz ur choice thingy..............i went to my nearest superdrug earlier at around 12? maybes and bought 2 lipsticks. yes 2, the dreaded choice which 1!
ok A)

MUA Shade 1 - £1
wowzies ma little fwendies, this traffic stopping plum red is a winner. for a £ a simple uno poundy .......ok ive tried it on my lips with out any thing on - but did use a lip exfoliator by lush last night. and it went on smoothly but quite soft so easily slips. its a nice dark deep red with brown undertones and plum overtones. it is though hard to get off but usually halloween makeup is.... i lick the simple useful packaging - nothing to impressibe but for a pound its what u expect i guess and i like how it shows the colour on the bottom...i like this colour and would look really good with dark makeup - which im doing. PICTURES WILL BE COMING UP AFTER HALLOWEEN of my makeup and outfit.....i love this shade- i did want shade 6 i think which was a barbie glittery pink but out of stock :(
but im happy with this :)

Collection 2000 Pink Shock - £1.99?
WOWOWOW this is a picture off google and its amazin. the camera doesnt pick up the brightness but it is amazing. bright pink! it is matte and really is a bit stiff but hopefully will warm up over time - FEW DAYS. it does look nice on and would need a balm underneath - probs The Blue Tin or vaseline......i like itttttttttt... and i like how the colour in the bottle does come off on the lips - i have shade 100 by barrym and comes of like a white not the barbie pink, and the packaging is soo cute, simple shiny black with a slanted lid with little pink 'beads' on and pink edges..........

so which one??? for nails im doing a BRIGHT coraly pink - la colours Lightning, probs with some black detail. kitty ears, and bunches with rollers in my hair overnight and take them out during the day to get Oomph and a black lace skirt from H&m - last years, a prezzie from my sister never worn and a black plain v-neck tight...with tights and a leather jacket. for makeup i will be using:
  • sleek i-divine original 12 colour palette - the black
  • eyeko graffiti pen in black
  • primark eyeliner or barrym ANY BLACK KOHL PENCIL I CAN FIND
  • concealer
  • powder (i want the pale cakeyish makeup )
  • one of these lipsticks
shoes - no idea!

well thats it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjust a quickie post! wat u doing for halloween?



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