Friday, 29 October 2010

Pretty Little Liars, Good? YES YES YES YES

omg hey sweeties,
well i started watching a show on tv shack since i dont have VIVA..... and it was Pretty Little Liars - PLL.........

Pretty Little Liars (chose pink writting cause i think it suits the show) is about 4/5 girls:
  • Spencer
  • Hanna
  • Aria
  • Emily
  • A/Allison
They used to be all best friends, having a usual sleepover. They wake up and Allison is gone!
Spencer went out looking for her but shes not anywhere. Then Aria goes to Iceland for like a year and all the rest of the girls lose touch. When Aria gets back they face the evil battles of an anonymous texter/emailer/writer/etc...called A. Allison used to sign her texts -A. just like this anon person. A few days l8er Allison is found buried. Died from suffocation. As soon as the funeral is over, they all recieve a text. from -A!!!!!!!!!!!!! there all spooked and they keep on getting these texts. ok, this isnt there only life problems. except all from being ESPECIALLY beautiful (especially Hanna), there lives are all messed up. Spencer kissed her older sisters boyfriend, Hanna's dad is getting married - to a different woman, Aria's parents are fighting and Emily is 'secretly' a lesbian. the girls are scared, Allison was the only person who knew individual secrets, none of them new Allisons. eventually all the secrets come out, including A's identity but only Hanna just finds out, but who hit her with a car - making her (TEMPORARILY) lose her memory. whats gonna happen next? I know.......keep in touch if u want to find out more.
comment if u wanna kno more.......

MADE FROM BOOKS, on viva at 8pm every thursday.


from top left clockwise, Specer, Hanna, Emily, Aria

Emily, Specer, Aria, Hanna Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria

Spencer, Aria, Emily Hanna


enjoy xxxxx