Sunday, 31 October 2010

tenney weenie q nd a

qu. 1 - What is ur fave makeup brand and why?

my fave brand would deffs be MAC cosmetics because it is amazing, pigmented, a bit expencive, the packaging is beautiful and I LOVE THERE COLLECTIONS and there permanent things. plus i like the feeling of saving up some money then buying, it makes me feel good to buy stuff i LOVE. i would really recomend this brand and the names of the cosmetics are so cute (Like gleam and stuff) .my second fave would be benefit cause i like the packagings and the names and there stuff is good.

qu. 2 - Top 5 fave lipsticks???

hmm hard one - for nude lips it would be Her Fancy by Mac
for pink shimmer lips it would be Stroke of Lust by MAC'S lure collection
for baby pink lips it would be Sweetie by MAC
for nude purpley (i hve natural dark pink lips) it would be Syrup by MAC
for BRIGHT PINK lips it would be Pink Shock by Collection 2000

oui, well i hope i win xxxxxxx

xxx ttyl, ill try and post up pics of my halloween look

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