Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ayia Napa 2012

Hey Raindrops,

As some of you will know i just got back from a holiday, well around a week ago, to Ayia Napa, Cyprus with two friends. One of which had a holiday house there so we stayed with her family for ten days of crazyness!

A picture of the plane we flew on, Agean Airlines.

The first night there, Sushi and Shots well we didn't have shots, but we had mojitos and martinis. Their apple martinis were yum!

Drinks at Nissi Bay Beach Bar..Strawberry Mojito, Strawberry Daquiri and Sex on the Beach (never understood the green top on it)

First night in Ayia Napa town! 

The ferris wheel in the Ayia Napa fairground, we didn't go on many rides except one night we did the Napa Sling Shot! Wow, it was an amazing experience but so scary and fun at the same time

Nissi Beach! 
It is honestly as good as pictures, it's soo nice there and a lot of eye candy..
We didn't complain too much at the view ;)

Me getting ready and doing my makeup before going out one night!

Nissi Bay Beach Bar.
This place was the LIFE of the party, a few days a week they throw major foam parties - so fun but be prepared to be groped and pushed, music pumping up and down the beach and a lot shirtless men. This is before the Sunday foam party, when they were teaching a dance to Follow the Leader.

hahahaha, this is hard to explain.
We visited a really nice beach which had loads of hotels on it, and in one of the hotels we saw this dolphin blow up toy which we really wanted so someone dared me and for jokes we took it :/ ahahaha this is me waiting to go, hiding it.

It was amazing! I loved it. I'd never been to Ayia Napa before this and i would so go again. Think The Inbetweeners Movie but x10, Napa all the way! 
Where have you guys been on holiday this summer?



  1. I've allways wanted to gon on holiday with just friends :') looks like you had a blast, love your blog btw xoxox

    1. aww it was amazing! If it's about your parents not letting you, thats a) unlucky b) try and go to a place not that far, like france or spain! I was lucky cause my friend had a house there and her older sister was there so it was cool....

      thankyou soo much Zaynab

    2. Must have been ! Ahah thanks for the advice, I'll probably consider that for the winter/summer holidays ! That sounds cool :-)
      No problem ! Definately following xoxoxx

    3. It was soo fun! I would advise for everyone, but make sure you are with people you won't fight with, thats the best piece of advice!
      thankyou xoxoxoxoxoxox