Friday, 14 September 2012


Hey Raindrops,

I don't know where to start.
Over the past few months i've been considering changing my blog to a bit more life-esque. Raindrops, you know a lot about me. You know my name, my full name if you follow me on twitter, my age - i'm 14 no secret, my city - LONDON, and loads about what i like and things like that.

But you don't know anything about me.
So starting today it's going to change, i'll be introducing a lot more of my life of my blog.
You will meet characters along the way, some of which you will love - some i hate, and some that i'll change opinions to. I'm never going to have someones actual name in. Let's say i know someone called Sophia, but i call her Annabel in my blog (i won't use real names) but i call another girl, let's say Jane, Sophie so it might get confusing. And i'll never do posts on people because i will a) get a lot of hate b) get in a lot of trouble with school c) have no friends...So yeah, welcome to my life!

Recently i've been going through a hard time..
It's caused my something i regret saying/doing. And yes i do regret it, and i have apologised A LOT! But because of it there has been so many repercussions. I knew i would have to face some but i never knew it would be this extreme.

Ever felt like you had to place to sit?
Ever felt like you weren't part of anything, because you weren't?
Ever felt like things can change so quickly, that one moment your life is perfect next it's crash and burning?

Well that's me atm. 
Welcome to WatermelonRaindropX.

I'm trying to fix something but i don't care any more. I don't want another friendship. Half my friendships i don't actually respect or care about, but i like friends. I like having friends, i like being able to have plans on weekends, a place to sit at lunch, a person to gossip with.  But as soon as i leave my school, hasta la vista. But my friends i do care about, i care a fricken load for. I would do anything for them. But once i've done something bad to them, i hate myself for it. So much. And there are sometimes when i don't feel bad, and i know they are not my true friends or friend. And when i'm in that situation, like now, i don't want them to become my friends again. I want karma. I want revenge. I am very vindictive, you see. And i take pictures of everything, anyone. Any comment i see on any social media site which i think someone may need at one point or i might need. SCREENSHOTTED. But i'm not trying to get karma for something i did, cause what i did is nowhere near as bad to the situation i've been put in.

And i don't let things slide
And i'm not afraid to be called a 'mummys-girl' or a 'teachers-pet' cause not gonna lie, i am. My madre knows every fight i get into and all the updates on it, and i know from her when it's gone to far. And i know it has now.
I was also thinking about renaming my 'brand', watermelonraindropx, - i've been watching too much America's next top model, to something more unquirky like Perdi's Way or LondonGossipGirl but it'll take soo much time. New logo,tumblr, blog url, icon, youtube, email i don't know, what do you think? WatermelonraindropX or a new one?

But yeah, i'll keep you updated on life..

What did you think of this type of post?
You all right? Going through any hard times, leave a comment or send me an email @ and i'll try and help...



  1. Aw I know what you mean, sometimes you are happy with what you have then other times you want to kill everybody... I'm no phsyco though c; if you're friends make you feel that way then are they really good friends & are they really worth the time ? Don't worry about it hun xoxox

    1. ahaha i completely get what you're saying, ahaha i know your not phsyco cause if you are, then i definitely am! thanks for commenting xx

    2. Twins ;-) & your welcome !
      Ps I tag you in my 13 questions tag :-) xoxox