Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OOTD: Just Call Me Spencer...Pretty Little Liars Inspired!

Hey Raindrops,

I'm back with one of my OOTD, these are my favourite videos to watch and my favourite blog posts to read and personally i think i can picture my outfits quite well..My favourite OOTD video is Elle's (allthatglitters21) video on her white dress: 
I found the way she filmed it incredible, made me feel like i was in wonderland or some princess world - she reminds me of a real life barbie, i absolutely love her. But yeah i love her videos.

I know my OOTD's are no way near as good, but i want to improve. I want to get a tripod and be able to film video versions, just for my blog but on youtube as well, i don't know yet..What do you think?

The other day for school i felt like making a bit more of an effort, plus that evening i had to go to Synagogue because of a jewish holiday and i didn't miss the day of school to go (i'm not really religious but family makes me), so i did dress up and Spencer Hasting's from Pretty Little Liars inspired me! 

I couldn't find many photos but her style is really preppy and cute! Think Lily Pulitzer, J. Crew and Ralph Lauren. For shoes Tory Burch and Steve Madden. Collars and blazers and necklaces and statement coats and cardigans. That's her summed up! 

My outfit:

Jumper - Pull and Bear
White Collared Top - Topshop
Necklace - Forever 21
Jeans (unfeatured) - Hollister Skinny Jeggings
Peace Ear Cuff (unfeatured) - Topshop
Watch - ToyWatch
Shoes - Vans

Hair curled with Babyliss Conicle Wand
Lips coloured with Max Factor Lipstain

I loved this jumper so much! I bought it last week, for a really cheap £19.99. I'm definitely going to buy it other colours too, i think white but maybe navy as well. The colour i have is like a winter evergreen. Looks great with or without collars. I think the white would be good though because i have a bunch of shirts with coloured patterned collars, that could be totally cute! 

What do you think of the Jumper/Collar look? Any winter finds yet? What do you think of Spencer's fashion? Comment down below!