Monday, 11 July 2011

My HG Product Review: Collection 2K - 24 Hour Extreme Felt Tip Liner

Bonjourno Pansies,
Whilst scrolling through my dashboard reading my favourite blogs i felt like doing a post. Whilst thinking shall i scroll through websites looking for MORE i'm begging on my knees for i decided i will just do a review on a product, a post i do not do that often since i'm seem to feel that they aren't as interesting to read about high-end products unlikely for my age to have or unlikely others will be able to obtain and then the other reason is it is not my strong point in writing/blogging but i felt if i do a drugstore product of one of my EVERYDAY STAPLES.

Collection 2000, as most of you know, is my FAVOURITE drugstore brand. I think for the price on average £2.99 per product or 2 for £4.99 when the offer is on. I do prefer buying it in Superdrug though not boots because i find the counter is always bigger. Collection 2K seems to almost be the english equivalent of Cover Girl. I love Collection 2K products: the lipsticks, CONCEALER, MASCARAS glitter eye and i want to try the glitter liners and the actual eyeshadows and like EVERYTHING by them but my favourite ever product ISSSSSS:
...As you all know i dislike pencil liner, i like but too tricky for day wear: Liquid liner and i've never tried Gel but i have my eye on the maybelliene one. 
/\ not my pic but forgot the source SORRY....

The packaging is soooo well made. I love it, it is really thin and light weight - certainly is easy to cope with and room in your bag for. The packaging doesn't get dirty like some packagings do and i really like the writing on it, the silver stands out so well against the black and with the sleek black and silver packaging it STAND OUT to you, like that writing just did hehehehe good one i know. The only difficulty i suffer with is if you close the lid TOO tightly (it is one of the pop on pop off lids) it can get jammed and when you pull to get it off and do get it off you usually end up with black against and all over your hand..bUT all together it is 
4 **** For the packaging...

Now for the product on its own:
As you can see the nib of the brush is very small and TRES/very STURDY. This liner due to the fact being so tightly screwed to the base is really easy to manoeuvre over your eye with minimal smudging or mistakes. To be honest after a while of using it i have noticed the nib start to loosen up and that worries me because my last pen eyeliner, a punk-your-eyes one by Scarlet & Crimson, just fell off and fell down my sink! Awful right? Well this one is still going strong and no sign of drying out just yet like Collection 2K Mascaras do if you abandon them! The colour is really dark and is easy to get a thick or thin line with minimal shakes and scratches to it. I have recently started trying out with gel liner and i realised that each time i attempt it is shaky and like rickety effect like its goes up and down and i find with this it is just perfect!!!!! Unlike other eyeliners i find that this has no air bubbles like it is a solid colour with no pigmentation gaps if that makes sense?

Quality - 4****

Thats it for today! 

On wednesday im going to a Ke$ha concert with my sister. I'M SO EXCITED. The tickets were meant to be a gift for me and a friend since my mum won tickets to The Script @ itunes festival and its my sisters fave band they were meant to go but my mum is making me overlooked after and is making me take my sis instead of a friend but oh well shes lucky she gets 2 days of concert! AND I GET COATED IN GLITTAAAAAAAAA, i will post pics of me b4 and after the concert :) 2 go out to get a gym membership now....
Ooooh and HI Kyra!!!!!



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