Tuesday, 5 July 2011

If only i was getting married...

Hey again...

Finally i'm getting back into a usual blogging-schedule :), it makes me happpppy! 
With Summer coming round, all i am hearing about is Summer weddings for some reason: AND I AM 13. I've never been to a wedding, boooooooo :'(....But my good friend, Yasimin or as i call her ZouZou, and i made/started making WEDDING BOOKS. okay we have all seen the films, Bride Wards and tv shows, Friends where they whip out their wedding oboks as soon as they get engaged and start planning! So ZouX2 (zouzou) and i decided to make them, i prefer winter weddings. Who wants to be boiling hot sitting inside or outside in a tight dress and be icky and sweaty, well i love the thought of summer weddings - my sister wants a beach one but i love the thought of a fall or winter outside wedding where snow could be falling or leaves and the smell is beautiful..
 okay ignore my poeticness, shall we just establish i am a sappy romantic! 

I thought i would show you a few of my plans! 

6I love MARCHESA gowns, they are the only ones that do it for me! Except Vera Wang are nice but i love the style and delicateness of Marchesa, Vera i find are too decorated and OTT. Marchesa i love in general, i love their red carpet gowns which many celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively who seems to sport many of them including a BEAUTIFUL blue one shouldered dress:
 Well their wedding dresses are EXQUISITE! 


i think its just amazing! I love Mermaid shape dresses for weddings i do love poofy ones like Kate Hudson in Bride Wars by Vera Wang and people say they imagine me in those but i think this is so me! Personally i do like me a white one shouldered wedding dress like this:
But i just love the one above! it is BEAUTIFUL. I love the embroidery And the netting that skims over the body.  I love this netting as well, it is simple and classic. i would love me a tiara, a small one, ME NOT DOING ANY GYPSY wedding and a simple but beautiful crisp veil to go with it. Whilst thinking i love dresses that skim down and float outwards i was thinking about netting and then i randomly clicked on VW which they did have the most amazing nett-finishing dress which is just like UNBELIEVABLE i could not get over it! The netting has a waterfall sequin embroidery and kinda like rose detail on it! If i could have a bed made out of anything that would feel like a duvet. this nett. i dream about it. heeeeeere it is:

 /\ CAN YOU SEE THOSE SEQUINS. i love the rose styled netting!

Well that is all i have for now! I probs will make this a series! what do you think, would ya like dat? are you married ,what was it like? What do you want? am i the only girl who thinks about this at 13?