Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Trends: Pretty and Preppy Chic

Hey everyone,

New series, which i will finish starting now, obvs u have figured out there is a lot i want and like they always say 'theres a lot of fish in the sea' THE FISH NEED SOME STYAL, so thats where i come in, but instead of saying Wish List because it makes me feel like theres so much i want but will never have i decided to make it into: a NEW SERIES, WOOO...this series is about when you find a trend you like and you write that trends wishlist.

So shall we start with Pretty and Preppy Chic,
for this trend i think the best shops to buy from are: Jack Wills, Abercrombi or Hollister and New Look

This is probably my favourite style any time of the year, my favourite items being the crop top you see just above this the black and white wedges (the black ones and the white ones) , the high waisted light blue shorts, the pink and white striped jackw jumper, the lace skirt, floral skirt and the blue and pink jw bracelt!!! - i <3 jack wills 

XXXX coming up in this series is:
Sporty and Casual Chic
Smart yet Understated Chic
Summer Chic
hmm maybe Summer Dresses Chic
hmm not really planned this well, what Trends do YOU love, what do you think of THIS trend?? i love it!

remember follow and comment, it really makes my day and thankyou 2 ALL my followers and reaching over 7000!!! blog hits, now lets make it 7000 subscribers, ok will happen in 7 zillion years but ONE STEP FURTHER, i LOVE comments and i especially love it when u tell me what posts u want/like bout my blog/what u want 2 c etc.....


lusm x

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