Sunday, 20 March 2011

OOTD 19/3/11 - X Factor Tour

Hey babes,

woah hate waking up the morning after death - well more like DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN cause yesterday i was invited, by 2 of my very good friends - twins, to go to the X FACTOR TOUR!!!!!!!!!!
if u did not know, Cher and Aiden are my liffe, and obvs 1D (1 Direction, who i have previously seen at a Batty)
WE SAT on row B1 which is write nxt to front stage, where some of the acts performed such as:
and i wwas the closest one to them.
i have nial's from 1D water bottle from the batty i went 2 and when he went into the audience i shouted it to him and he laughed, Harry and Zayne smiled at me - and winked i  think they remembered me when harry once held my hand for like a whole a lucky ducky...
i also have news about aiden at the end!!!

but this is what i wore,

White V Neck Top - Primark
Belt - My mum from her modelling days
Shorts - (Sisters revenge) from Topshop
Tights in Nearly Black - M&S
Chesnut Shoes - Uggs
Bag - Topshop

xxxxxxxxx shampoo review coming up :)

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