Saturday, 26 March 2011

Upcoming Mac Collections I'm Looking Forward To

Hey daisies
In the next few months a lot of new Mac collections will be coming out and there is quite a few products i would want, this post is going to be about their spring collection, Quite Cute, and their summer collection, Surf Baby.

Let us start with Quite Cute

                                Sakura Mineralised Blush -              Quite Cute - 
             Lavender with pearl deep magenta heart       Bright white lavender

                         St Germain -                      Giggly Mineralised Blush - 
                        Pastel Pink                               Light pink with pearl plum heart
                       Plush Glasses:                                      Nail Lacquer:
       l-r :Bubble Tea - Creamy Pale Nude                    l-r:Ice Cream Cake - Creamy bluepink
             i <3 You - creamy mid-tone purple            Little Girl Type - creamy pale lavender
            Girl <3 Boy - Bright light blue pink              Mischievous  - creamy pale blue mint
            Fantastic Fanatic - creamy pale pink

those were not all the products in the collection but the ones i want the most, they'reeeee so CUTE, adorable for spring/summer fun!

now lets move on to the SUMMER COLLECTION: SURF BABY, i love the name so fun and vibrant theres not a LOT i want but only a few thigns, i couldnt find a picture of the gilded white eyeliner but i also want that

                            Short Shorts Eyeshadow:          Swell baby eyeshadow:
                             White Champagne                    medium grey

                   Nail Lacquers:                                     BlUSH: My Paradise
                      Ocean Dip: Aqua teal                       coral orange with champagne gold                                   
                      Hangin' Loose: Beige                        flower

What upcoming mac collections are you looking forward to?

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  1. ♥Love your blog♥

  2. oh thankyou mary. please feel free to comment and follow anytime xxx

  3. This MAC Collection is adorable, i cant wait to purchase the products i want :)

    Xo Christine