Thursday, 24 March 2011

OOTN & Cher, baby, Cher

Hey everyone,
this is just a quick post showing my outfit of the night for a yummy meal of hopefully Chinese, chose something casual yet cute but BEFORE I START  i need to know of some recommendations for posts, i know i have more prepare for summers i need to do and a few trends etc.. but any thing YOU want to see, may i thank my followers for following and all the readers for viewing I SERIOUSLY THANK YOU, please subscribe and comment - it makes my life :)

Navy Tank Top - Real Clothing
Top - Hollister & Co
Jeggings - A&F
Bow - H&M
Headband - Lipsy

i ended up tying my hair up.....
eyeliner - Bad Girl Waterproof, benefit
mascara - Benefit''s Bad Gal lash

BTW, just thought i should rave. CHER LLOYD IS MY LIFE....ever since i fell in love i cant stop turning my swag on, listening to her right now: Viva La Vida - bootcamp. I LOVE HER,, she is just soo cool i think..what is your opinion on her? I cnt wait for her album!!!!, niki minaj, lil' wayne - WHO COULDNT...


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