Wednesday, 17 November 2010

tis the season to be dancing...lalalala the spring fling (with un-present jeanette)

Ok imformative post below. beware. beware ma lovelay bloggers. i need all your help as possible (comments, follows and more)

Hi sweeties,

Today i went to my dep head master (The i secretely nicknamed him aka Mr Lel, another one of my faves, ok Mr Lello is his name) so i went to him with my-blogging-friend jeanette, she does amazing posts check her out... and my other amazing friend Iniga who me and j both adore. well we sat down and asked him.......................................


well we can tell u what he did say:

so we had the plan: Decem,ber 10th, winter theme, called Subzero (cool name huh?), we had EVERYTHING practically planned. he said:

so he then suggested Valentine Theme? okkkk all girls school + inviting boys schools (which he kept on talking bout) = AWKWARD
we already thought of a not-s0-deffs name: Spring Fling...its catchy, fun and all american like which kinda inspired me. quots from moves. 'OMG SPRING FLING dance, i wonder who my fling would be with?' while talking bout the boys school and valentine theme Iniga, on the left of me, said 'U should invite Colum?' at this i gave her the biggest kick in the leg ever, with her reply being 'OW', so ruined my cover. colum is not my boyfriend, jeanette if ur reading this lets plot to be mean/kill iniga or as wee call her GAGA (rarara mamamamama gaga oh lala its urrrrrrr bad romance LOL) :)........

ok so its gonna be awkward inviting loads of boys there and we are debating to have it in our schools HUGE hall, which has a lighting box, a stage and lots of space, our gym, smaller more intermit and more access to the courtyard. (small box of space outside) or our cafeteria/lower common has quite a lot of space and has room for food and such but also has access to outside and a lot more (unsafer) buildings around the school....


1. Should the name of the dance be Spring Fling? or do YOU have something better (we were thinking loveStruck (emphesis intended on the S) Ball but kinda lame still)??

2. Where would you hold it? Gym, Cafeteria or Hall?

3. What decorations should be there? chose from ANYTHING, budget can be quite high...

4. Theme: colour theme, layout, clothing theme?

5. Do you have any nice dresses or websites that i should visit?

6. Would you rather have a Winer Disco or Valentines Disco?

7. Would you rather just your year or the year below/above you as well?

email or comment me ur answers or views on this and btw if u FOLLOWme and commentwith answers and say check out my blog im ore then lkely to follow u...


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