Tuesday, 9 November 2010

aaaaaah my weeknd in pictures, with some words.....

over the weekend i went to a fireworks party.........and there was a photobooth...............

being as obnoxious and vain as i am (jks - ish) I WENT THER LOADS, and i thought i would do an eotd, ootd with it and a notw...... so here are the pics (featring : perdi/me, colum, yasmin, mille, melina, rita, harriet, ella, juno, nabheela, iniga...i<3>

Natural collection coverup cream
natural collection pressed powder in warm
beauty UK 12? palette in no.4 - light grey on lid , dark grey crease, black outer v, cream highlight..
eyeko grafitti pen in black
collection 2000 colour stay PINK Shock lipsick
MAC cremesheen Just Superb

leatherjack - primark
black top ???
back lace skirt - H&M - £14.99
black tights
ankle boots - aldo

l.a colours colour craze Lightning

(pictures labelled l-r)

Perdi, Yasmin, Millie

Yasmin, Colum, Perdi
Iniga, Millie, Perdi
topright, yasmin, perdi, nabheel,a juno, harriet, millie
perdi, nabheela
top row, perdi, colum, yasmin, ella (blonde girl == juno)
yasmin, perdi, melina
yasmin, perdi, melina
again yasmin, melina, perdi
perdi, rita, juno
lol the first one taken - u can see by the calmness....perdi, yasmin
perdi, millie, yasmin
yasmin, colum, perdi.............

hope u like, no everything is clear and it was wild, dnt worry im not drunk nor am i on a hangover, JUST TIRED. tell me ur fave photo and what did u do on the weekend xxxxxxxxxxx

also it was a little update since i rarely post pics of me.......xxxxx

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