Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Versatile Blog Award

Ciao Amici,

What a lovely morning to wake up to! Woke up to reading through my comments and found out that the lovely Hannah from has just awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award, thank you very much Hannah!


One of the rules are share 7 Random Facts about me/you:

1) I think i'm actually computer/laptop addicted

2) I might drop out of music this term cause i hate my music lessons and my teacher and i can't wait till next year when i only do my GCSE choice subjects so i'm gonna ask if i can just sit in the library and do homework

3) My favourite subject is Italian and Geography 

4) Ok...Hannah gave me inspiration for this fact..i know practically every Cher Lloyd song off by heart - ok shoot me! I'm a Cher fan! 

5) I wish i had light blonde hair, i have dirty strawberry blonde hair, but my mum won't let me dye it! But i get a half head of highlights every few months! 

6) My blog is my biggest creative outlet! I am terrible at art and music and dance and anything creative or artistic so makeup and fashion is the biggest artistic passion i have. 

7) I love cold peeled tangerines! and my mother who peels them and puts them in the fridge for me to eat! LUSM

now the 15 people i give this award to
(i might only give it to 5-10)

Ok even though Hannah gave me this award i nominate her 2:

Chloe (Hannah's twin) =
Sunday Girl =
Thanks again Hannah! 

Best wishes,


  1. Ohh I'm really happy you did the tag too :)


  2. @Shan more then welcome

    @Hannah your welcome, i don't even know if you can tag back! but i did! :P xx

    @Kim welcome! x