Sunday, 25 December 2011

Felix Navidad!


In the Spirit of Christmas and all joyous holidays i wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS...
I will be doing 3 hauls, one of my pre-xmas presents (ones i opened early etc..), xmas day prezzies, and boxing day haul! early disclaimer: NOT BRAGGING! 

but i love you all, thanks for following and commenting and making my year a good one , i don't know what i would of been like this year without all of you! I've made so many friends through the beauty blogger community and i'm so grateful of everyone one of you that follows, views, comments, tweets me, bloglovin follows me, tumblr follows me: EVERYTHING. it means so much to me that your there and listening to my every post! 

I love you all and merry christmas!


1 comment:

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