Wednesday, 4 August 2010

FOTD & OOTD, New Jeans. AND COOKIES.. yummy yummy (the jeans and the cookies. YUMM)

Hello Bloggers,
Big news - ish. Since it 'twas a rainy day, me and my sis (Peachy Pony) baked cookies. Choco chip ones, with many chocolate piece.

THEY ARE THE BOMB. they are so groovy that when u eat them u feel ashamed since u r not worthy. ok ok ok, there not that amazing but they are the bomb. Hey, i gotta idea why dont u all make ur own cookies, and comment about them or do a blog. I PROMISE U, i will read it. <3

okkkkk now onto my new jeans. i'm goin out for dins l8ter, not to a smart restaurent but ma mere is making me et my sistas look smartish, so i put on my jeans, which have shrunk. i have barely worn tthem this summer cause of the heat, so im in shorts, so i neva new, when i put them on today to wear since its slightly colder, they shrunk. i walked down to Select (Fashion) in camden, and tried on 6 pairs of jeans! wow i know, and there was also a 70% sale, ok my jeans were not in the sale but they were only £12.....they have some quite nice dresses in there if u need them for cheap!!....ok i will have a link to my jeans below \/...
they are the nicest pair of jeans ive owned in 4eves!!!
there dark blue, which i wanted, with gold stiching. THEY ARE CE TRES COMFORTABLE!!!
they feel like the comfiness u get with jeggings but look like jeans! there strechy and really pretty.
they have deep pockets (yay) and shaped fantastically.
there skinny but dont feel tight. amazing *claps*...they get narrower nearer to the end but feel
so comfy!! i really recommend them.....


Shirt - Burberry
Jeans - (mentioned above) Select Fashion

Nail Polish
Hands - Summertime, L.A Colors
Toes - Pink Flamingo, BarryM


Face - Natural Collection Cover Up Cream
Natural Collection Pressed Powder in warm
(and i know i do not have a close up but my cam broke so used my sisters phone, only was allowed to take one photo)

Eyes - Louys Mascara
BarryM Eyepencil in Black (no.2?)

Enjoy...HTH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTTYL

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