Monday, 20 June 2011

Spring Lovin - White oo and A NEW GIVEAWAY WINNER

May i start with apologising,
There has been a confusion. With my giveaway, orginally my winner never replied but she just did but i already emailed my new winner, Britt. BRITT i have to say that your my runner up and you will be getting a prize just not the one i announced.i feel terrible. Well congrats to Sam and Britt x

moving on....

Our school has an annual white day/annual gathering, where the students asked to come where White - all white or cream. And it is compulsory for some years but for others only form reps have to come and parents of the children are invited. I am not form rep in my class sadly but my best friend, Jeanette and my good friend, Gabi are. Here are their blogs, they are truly amazing and i really love their blogs. Gabi =  and Jeanette = Back to the point, both my sisters are going and my mum so i wanted to go and i found out a girl, Lauren, couldn't go as her form rep sooooooooooo i asked my dep head and he said i could fill in for her sooo YAY A DAY OF WHITE DRESSES. So whilst scrolling through webs to look for the perfect white dress and accessories i got caught up in the mass of white amazingness so i am doing a spring trend LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE
all on here we go:
Image 4 of Liqourish Embroidery Anglaise Skirt
Liquorish Embroidery Anglais Skirt - Asos
in sale at £22 from £38 - bargain and gorgeous (oh and we can wear skirts)

Image 1 of ASOS Tie Strap One Shoulder Dress
Asos Tie Strap One Shoulder Dress - ASOS
sale on £20 from £40 - ANOTHER BARGAIN 
bit plain but with maybe a brighter lipstick and nail polish but with a cardi - no bare shoulders

Image 1 of ASOS Linen Bandeau Pleated Short Playsuit
Linen Bandeau Pleated Short Playsuit - Asos

White Ruffle Toe Post Sandals
White Ruffle Toe Post Sandals - Select Fashion

Image 1 of River Island One Shoulder Skater Dress
River Island One Shoulder Skater Dress - Asos

and for the overly priced holy grail white dress:
Larkhill Dress
Jack Wills Lark Hill Dress - £69
White, eyelet, open back with a tiny bow. it is perfect. but i cant afford it :(...i do receive donations :)

so that is all i have , white is sooo cute...
What enshamble is your fave from this and congrats Brit for winning x