Sunday, 20 February 2011

Yankee Candle Wishlist

one of the last times i'm doing my,practically, daily posts.
do you know why?
school starts again tomorrow! how sad,
And there is something else!

I went to Westfield a few days ago and went into Clintons Cards because there is a Yankee Candle booth there, so obviously after buying a few, i still have a wishlist of course, thought i should share it with you all!

French Vanilla

Fresh Cut Roses

Lemon Lavender

Vanilla Cupcake (dupe for Christmas Cookie)

Fresh Fruit Salsa

Ocean Blossom

Creamy Caramel

Country Lemonade

Pink Lady Slipper

I love them all, and the small jars only cost £7.45, for you information but i personally buy the large jars. Reason? Could i blame it on investments? No, i just plain love them

Have a good week, Raindrops.

Perdi @ WMRDX

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