Friday, 25 February 2011

A bit to Know About me, pt 2. and new friendship?

Hi my friendly friends,
in a good mood for many reasons.
and i feel like for a while i shut you out, so i decided to do another bit to know bout me, i know ur probs hating me cause i've not done a fave for a while, but my face routine will be going up soon, well after i write it.

well about a new friendship before i get started, recently again i reached 34 followers :) by a lovely girl called Sophie. She is very lovely, and very like me. and we now practically have a  growing friendship uponeth. We are both englanders and have a lot in common, and i feel like when she writes her posts she gets what shes like across, so thought i might do a lil' bit more of a A bit to Know About Me part 2222, my lucky number.

- My name is Perdita - per-dee-tah, perdi, perdz, perday, dragon (ok only if ur gullable)

- Bday is on February 5th, 1998.

- I go to an all girls private school in central london.

- im currently 13, and a girl.

- my lucky number is 2

- i find discriminating and favouritizing colours is wrong! But i do love pink, purple and white, and grey and black and rainbow and zebra and all that baby ones.

- I believe in unicorns - but only in australia. ha

- My favourite clothing stores are Jack Wills, Abercrombi & Fitch, Hollister, Topshop, Asos and Mac/Selfridges/Westfield

- I have two sisters, both older. Tatiana & Etienne

- Tati is 17, eti is 14

- Tati works at Abercrombi

- I live in an all girls house with 2 dogs, a cat, a fish and an eel.

- My parents have just finalised their divorce, and now my dad is living in South Africa- has been for a year.

- i have a chihuahua called Frosti, my life, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Cookie, my love.

 - my blog is my main priority.

- i <3 sims, even though i need a new one for mac.

- Ibiza is my 2nd home, south of france 3rd

- I <3 candles

- i get annual 2-day-pre-birthday cleaning, i get this thing where i HAVE to sort out my room always 2 days b4 my bday, just by chance. like its just like my ocd.


- dresses are my life

- spring is my fave season

- IM TERRIBLE AT SPORT, exept cheerleading - well i can do jumps, stunts and dance but NOT TUMBLING OR FLYING but our school doesnt have a squad :/ and netball but i cant shoot, but play GA

- too competitive and violent

- my computer keeps me going, im on it from when i get in from school, till upto 3am.

- i spend more then i get.

im gonna turn this into a tag, and i tag:
and of course all of you xxx

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  1. O.M.G, we have literally EVERYTHING in common now, becuase we both love lush and mac, we spend more than we get, i have a dog, cat, hamster and a rabbit, parents split, i have older siblins, but an older brother and sister (21 and 26)im competetive and violent (hehe). I have a PASSION for sims (i stayed on it for two days straight oncee!)and my computer is like, my best friend!
    p.s. do you have msn? if you do, then e-mail me your addy :D