Thursday, 24 February 2011

A bit to know bout me

Hey my friends, curently bought and felt like an UPDATE!!!

so thought i'd give u one!

well recently i've:

- worked on my Hanna Pretty Little Liars blog post, nearly finished. Im not just gonna do one per liar and maybe Mona, Melissa and Alison as well but maybe not.
- might do a 90210 version of my Pretty Little Liars.
- might not
- i made up a song today for a story ill explain, my friends are probs sick of me telling this of written in the starts tinnie tempah
'Written in the stars,
a million miles away,
'NAME OF MEAN GIRL HERE' tried to beat me,
but i came out on top

well thats it so far...
ok the story for that:
let me just say a lot of people dont like me in my year, reasons NO IDEA - possibly i'm tooo cool for them (more then likely) ha.
but today for gym all of our years 3 classes were split up and randomized. but i wasnt there for that, i had to speak to my form tutor during period 0 but it was a double do i found out we were at like the top of school for the rest of that period so went up there and saw our randomized group, lets just say 5? friends, 10 b******s. urgh.
when we went down for our session of gym, we were PLAYING DODGEBALL.
i'm not sporty.
att all.
and they all chose to be on the 'mean team'. and me and my friends on the other. lets just say it was more of one team and lets kill perdi. we had these rules set that we can be violent, but causious - luckily for me i get quite violent in games usually scratching or hitting people - not in that way not like URGH GIMME BALL *ppppppunch*, more like i didnt see u and i wasnt careful. but we had another rule that was lets say someone didnt go on the bench when they were supposed to the other team got chose the person to meant to go out to go off AND ONE OTHER PERSON. lets just say I WAS ALWAYS THAT OTHER PERSON. so i was like urgh. but im good at benchball. our next game. and i was violent. lets just say people nickname me 'Scarz' during that lesson or other benchball games. ok lets get one thing CLEAR.

at all.
in netball i am GA, but i dont shoot. my GS shoots, im a good passer and catcher. shooting deffs my worst. so when the rule came in that if u scored a basket all the other team would come off their bench we knew wed fail. i was on our team. so when all the i hate me team were on the beench EXCEPT ONE,we were all just shooting trying to go on our bench, even though only our catcher + 1 other was on the bench. 30 seconds to go.. time ticking. WE WERE JUST SHOOTING RANDOMLY. i close my eyes. shoot. I SCORED A BASKET.
even my teacher
we were all like O
even me
till i turned round and shouted OFFFFFFFFFF THE BENCH SUCKERS. im also competetive thought ya should know. and they were so angry one person through a ball at my face. i ducked. 
lol but that person is whose in the Human Rights song, she is a bully. 
but i won i won i won i won
ok now lets get back to the post.
- Parents evening tonight, went well.
- i love chinease food
- i LOVE yo sushi
- I love Lipsy, and when i next go near a shop im gonna get this cute ruffled tier dress
- i need a black belt
- i have 4 events coming up!

but hope uve had a good recent time, im doing my most loved songs soon soooo u could have some excitement. x

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  1. OMGG, we have so much in common! im rubbish at sports too,, and most the people in my year dnt rlly liak me either.

    One of my secrets is that i write songs. i have a whole notebook full of them!!
    i love chinease food too,
    And, im really competable, ecpecially when competing with other schools. even when were having a dance show and another school is in it, i show LOADS of attitide :S