Saturday, 26 February 2011

O.P.I Wishlist

Hi my friends,
i love painting my nails, nail painting, buying, using, staring, wanting/anything to do with nails!
So i thought i would show you my O.P.I wishlist, they are price at £10.50 in the uk, and have so many nice colours, the glitters are terrible but so unique so i want them and i love them so i want to show you the ones i want.

Katy Perry Black Shatter Coat - A black nail polish that crackles and perfects the added touch of 'zebra' stripes

Diva Of Geneva - a dark pink/purple/magenta cream with subtle shimmer

Suade Collection We'll Always Have Paris Suade - very textured marbley pink

Suade Collection Iuk Suade - a gorgeous mysterious dark navy blue with silver shimmer

Suade Russian navy- textured colour of blue

O.P.I - I think Pink: Baby bright pink

DC EXTRAVAGANCE - shimmer hot pink with silver glitter

O.P.I Pirates of Caribbean - Mermaids Tears, a metallic green shimmer

Pirates of The Caribbean Planks A Lot - cool, not warm, Purple creme

Silver shatter coat - P.O.C

Pirates of tThe Caribbeans - Sparrow Me The drama: another cool tone pink, bubbly and bright. creme, like most of this collection

Show It & Glow It Burlesque - pure glitter purple irredescent

Texas Do You Think Im TEX-Y - A magenta creme.

Texes - Big Hands, Big hair, creme sorbet coral

Teenage Dream - a bubbly unique pink glitter

Cuckoo for this Colour - sorbet dark green,  subtle reflection

Swiss the Colour To Watch - a pearly pink

DC MAGIC -wow, a glitter, powerful dark BRIGHT blue

Burlesque Simmer & Shimmer - a solid thick green irredescent glitter, but the glitter ones DO NOT HAVE LASTING POWER. but pweeettty.

Texas Collection - Austin-tatious Turquoise. I shimmery green/blue

i have many exciting news coming up

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