Monday, 21 February 2011

OOTD & EOTD, firsst day back to school. Eyeko Cream

today i started school after half term, and i have no uniform so i wore what i wanted - i woke up half hour later then i should do, so kinda rush. it was a great day, etc...class good, teachers lovely. in english we started macbeth? eh, i'm excited.
well, darn it, LET'S GET DOWN TO IT!
and i also have a rave coming up at the end, and im gonna do a seperate review on it, i might pre-right a couple posts, so if they dont give a brieff bout summin then its pre-written cause im writing my pretty little liars post!!!! 

Shirt - Hollister
White Tank Top - Select Fashion
Scarf - Store in camden?
Skinny Leg Trackies - Jack Wills 

OO and Bows (they're ma thaaang) - Claire's 

Face - Benefit Porefessional
17 Concealer
Mac Studio Fix in NW15
Bobbi Brown Blush in Plum (sooo pigmented so literally covered it up with powder and blended for like EVER.
Eyeko Highlight Cream, my product rave for later.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Navajo - inner corner and lid and highlight - opens up eyes,
Benefit Bad Gal Liner
Random Eyelash Curler

Awesome combo of:
Mac Her Fancy lipstick
and Benefit Back to the Fushia lipgloss

it is school, remember, so not layers of makky (mascara)  and foundation, just pretty

when taken the lid of theres a nice protective seal

On finger

on hand

blended on hand

HOPE YOU ENJOY, bout to pre-write some posts so i can work on my PLL blogpost, first up HANNA


  1. you pull the same face in every picture perdi, now follow my blog and unblock me on fb! x

  2. thats nice tati, i dont know how to unblock. send me a link on my email, perdiindahouse, to ur fb.