Thursday, 2 December 2010

November Favourites:

just to let yall no it is officially SNOWING: picture inserted below

 my garden
ma street....

k back to the point, im having a (COLD) blast in the snow, so much fun. might go to winterwonderland soon!!! i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to go this year. well a monthly faves up ahead with some good music at the bottom...

 Beaty UK Extreme Volume Lash FX
great with an eyelash curler, makes ur lashes simple, curly and naturally pretty looking. lasts ages and i like the brush but it is quite big to fit into the inner corner, it should take a leaf from Max Factors masterpiece mascara -it has a weird shaped brush long and tapered at one side (inner corner) and thick on the other.i really like this but it does kinda fade...

 MAC 129 brush..
great for powder, it makes the worst of powders look soooo good and does not apply it cakely and blends really well. it is also a GREATTTTTTTTT powder blush, i love it.
 MAC 184 brush
i like this brush at concealing undereye circles, its really good but not as firm as i would of liked but its really good at rubbing deep.
 my go to lippy, I LOVE it perfect shimmery pink..
 i stopped using this for a whille but actually really like it, nice creamy but running low

 wtf i know. but sudocrem is stopping my flackin skin well fleckin...i put it on once a week and it stops flakes A LOT..
 use this whenever, the foaming face wash makes ur skin feel tight and clear, good product. LASTS FOREVER
use this on most nights where im not using sudocrem. its feels weird but tights porres and helps with flakes.


Better than Revenge - Taylor Swift
Kim - Eminem
Fireworks - Katy Perry
Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
Take It Off - Ke$ha
Promise This - Cheryl Cole

have a good weekend nd have fun in the snow xxxxxxxxxx plz follow and sub


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