Sunday, 5 December 2010

My weekend....

OWell hello, hello, hello....
Everyone, u might not know this but i have a Laptop, a Toshiba Laptop. It is good and nice but the left clicky button isnt working so i went out to Maplin with ma mere and bought an old fashioned PC mouse, by NIKKAI. It is big and workable :)...
My loyal readers of my blog would know that yesterday i went to Selfridges, with ma amie Elle. We had a blast. We arrived at around 12, went straight to EAT and bought overly priced wraps. We both had the Peking Duck Wrap which was scrumpdidlyumptious but when heated was briced £3.25, i tink, EACH!! for a small wrap which i did enjoy...then we went to the clothing department. Many beautiful things are out at the moment, many beautiful things are overpriced at the moment.

I went to Topshop and saw some amazing things. 2 jumpers in particular stood out for me.  The first one was a lovely grey, cashmere feel, and a cute lil blue snowflake...

Knitted Snowflake Jumper - £45

 And the other being slightly more formal, perfect for a family dinner with jeans and some ankle boots or a party with dark washed skinny jeans and some heels....The creamy concoction mixed with rhinestons and warmness is perfect for a winter date or a daytime meeting..
Winter White Knitted Chunky Crystal Jumper - £45

These jumpers are sooooo cute i love em'....Then i went to Miss Selfridge and tried on 2 dresses which werrrrre sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

 This dress is soooo cute, look at the way it sits. Black sticky outy skirt, perfect for prowling round at a party saying stay-away-from-my-boyf-biatch-cause-im-prettier-then-u and with the sequin to and pretty neckline u JUST CANT SAY NO, when i saw it on a manikin near the changing room i was like wow look at the way the skirt sticks out then went round the area looking for it, found it, tried it on. The skirt didnt flow out and looked quite unflattering, it might of just had a default on that dress but it was also REALLY heavy on...
Black Embellished Dress, Limited Edition - £85
Wow this grapey plum winey coloured dress is perfect. I loved it on me, it is more dark and red wine coloured in person and it feels so flattering on. I love the slightly bubblehem and the detail near the one shouldered sleeve is very pretty. I say if you are going to a wedding or a formal even in the winter month buy this, good price and very flattering! It was light weight and pulls u in at the right places and that model looks soo good wearing it, but so does the model above....

ok i'm trying to do this in order of where it is but honastly Elle went home at like 1.30 and i stayed till like 2.30 so i looked round on my own some of the time...

We also went to Pauls Boutique, i love their bags but do not own one :(, last year i nearly bought a pink union jack small handbag one but thought it was slightly common. This season there bigger and better and these r the ones i loved:
 Maisy Large Bag in Black - £60
Very professional, job interview, lunch date, or dress it down for a friendly rendez-vous. I prefer lasts years Quilted Amy Bag in black £30 i think, it was squarer smaller and soo cute. I love the leopard interior and very nice, i love the fact it is laarge and can git EVERYTHING into it :)
 Maisy Large Bag in NUDE
everything is similar to the black but it is cleaner and sharper, it makes more of a statement and would look great with killer heels, dnt cha think??? I love this
£55 Molly Bag
I like this, it comes in a bigger shape which would be PERFECT For the beach but sadly its winter, in London, so no beaches here :(....I like the girliness to it and soo cute...

I went round the jewellery bits for a min, like Mikey and Freedom etc...

I found a pair of KILLER EARINGS they were sooo cute, overpriced for Mikey at £60 but they were amazing. Dangly chandelier- like small flowers flowing from red to purple rainbow AMAZING but couldnt find a pic :'( they would look so cute with ur hair up in a sharp high ponytail and a black dress, i bought one of ASOS, it will be shown l8ter in the post...

Another mikey piece was this amazing necklace which would look great with any black dress...
£28 Daisy and Leaf
Rainbow dangly nd sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

We then found our selves into the makeup department and everywhere here it goes

We stumbled into O.P.I and found many lovely polishes. I stick to mainly pinks, purples and oranges on my nails, except for now which u might c l8ter (RAINBOW)..and so i stuck to those sections where Elle just loved all of them.. I found 5 i loved:

O.P.I Pink Flamenco...well i think this is from the Le Espagna range but i dunno. I love bubbly pinks, any pink, all pinks the bubblier the better. This is such a cute pink, creme finish i think its matte. 

O.P.I Elephantastic Pink is just a cute colour with coraly undertones. Nobody could dislike this.
 O.P.I Short Story is such a sweet bubly pink, it has like a magenta undertone, similar to L.A Colours Summertime which im running out of. I love this colour, vibrant, fun and floraly i think this is gonna be a spring hit!
 O.P.I Strawberry Margarita, this should be called Strawberry Shortcake, dunno why it just reminds me of those days when ur young and u feel all happy and for some reason Strawberry Shortcake sums that up, not here is a sweet alcoholic drink hahaha...this is a muted pink with pink undertones..

my fave one, O.P.I Pompeii Purple. the most unique one out of all of them. A pink magenta with purple and blue overtones, its true, but impossible but perfect. a shiny jelly finish if u get what i mean I LOVE IT.

Elle then showed me to a new company called PressPolish. This company is 'dried' nail polish. It comes in boxes of 3, three colours (aka 6 sheets, left and right hand per colour) which last for up to 2 weeks. You just stick them on and it looks like perfect nail polish. for £45 a box i wont be getting them...but the colours i liked are:
Black Diamond
Pink Satin

hen in the makeup department we found Clinique, i am yet to own any of their products but trust me, i will soon. i never actually went round the Clinique section before but i saw 2 products that REALLY stood out

Clinqiue Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel looked so tempting. I applied it to my skin and it instantly went soft and smooth and didn't leave a residue nd dissolved quite quickly leaving it smooth and nourished with out leaving it overly oily, since it is oil-free, and left it hydrated. This product has been given insanely good reviews and im desperatos to try it.
Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Teint looks perfect, a foundation, i am the colour Sunny (surprisingly the first colour i picked up). Applied to my hand it blended it amazingly!  made it look flawless and high coverage but light weight! i could not believe it and i still want it sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!
A stroll over to the benefit counter released me wanting three products.
Sugarbomb, a blush including 4 of benefits best blushes!!
Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter, soo cute

Porefessional looks really good nd i want it to hide my flakin skin and my pores!!!!!

Again we both went to Le Metier De Beaute and i made a full list of the products which i really really want, so im gonna tell u what i want, what i really really want

Blue Steel
Tamarack (desperate for this)       
Rose Champagne (perfect for blush)



Then we did a quick stroll to NARS where i fell in love with:
 Blush in Angelika

 Lipstick in Roman Holiday!!! (lady gaga loves)
 Lipstick in Niagara

ok lastly i just want to show u a dress i bought from ASOS. my friend is having a batmizfa and i was invited, and yes i am Jewish so i know all the traditions but im not having one. So me and my mere were scrawling through websites till she saw one on Asos WHICH we BOTH loved. We got the size above then we needed cause otherwise it will be skin tight and to trampy and short... 

I love the glamour of the dress and the one shoulder SOOO CUTE...
Rare One Sleeve Organza Ruffle Dress - £38
I LOVE THIS my mum says no makeup but i dunno yet, she is write it could look trampy but maybe face makeup :)....i think if i did wear makeup my hair would be up in a HARSH high up pony tail, inspired by Nicole Sheringer...

xxx have a good week and lets hope Cher (which i predicgted she wuld sing Love The Way You Lie) will get through and Harry Styles, sorry i mean one direction actually no Harry Styles.... in x factor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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