Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tis the season to be lying lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa

Hey everyone,
no i am not saying lie im saying THE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS BOOKS R INCREDIBLE, as u all know, well my trust loyal followers like J, my trust friendie who is even watching me watch write this, or was lol hahaaa.  well back to the point I AM OBSESSED with the pretty little liars show, which is on VIVA on thursday at 8pm but i watched the 1st series on a website which is now shutdown :(, since 29 november.... since the 2nd series hasnt started yet i bought the books of amazon, the first 7/8...
the ones the have come so far r:
 I'm half way through PLL but it is kinda predictable and slightly boring since ive seen the first series but besides that it is sooooooooo good!!! i love the quirky front cover. I love it though..

This is the 7th book and still lovin the quirky cute front and i think the writing style is really good...

Another book im reading at the moment i love...nothing to do with the PLL series though..
.Just Listen by Sarah Dessen is such a sweet moving book about a girl called Annabel and her messed up family and her trying to get over all of it. It is way longer then the pll series and like 450 pages
  its so goood!!!!!!

that was it for hte short post just bout book raves lol haul coming up and maybe an ootn, notd and getting a camera tomoz and some stuf and i might be able to brign ym cam with me when im in manchester this weekend for grandmas 70th lol xxxxx

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