Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Hey everyone,
just a quickie today, not feelin that creative guys....whist writing this i should be doing my homework oh well, latin shmatin, it can wait (weeks, months, years)...

ok so today it SNOWED!!!! in north london where i live and go to school today was the first day it snowed. I love snow, it shuld be n emotion, u feel diff around it like happy over energetic but still angelic...wowie NEW EMOTION..r school is ALWAYS OPEN, r headmistress lives down the road to scl so she only has to walk but doesnt give a sht bout anyone else. So last blizzard weather early this year i did have my, missing, camera and i will insert some pics of that day:

Black cashmere jumper - Primark
Coat Black - Select
Trackies - Jack Wills

aaaah so fun soon it will happen again where all my friends are planning to go to Winter Wonderland :) which im yet to go to this year but WILL BE!!!!!  ummm xmas is my fave time of year, except mid june, i love mid june its warm and fun and bubbly but back to xmas. Snow is sooo much fun  I LOVE IT, we have like a small box of a courtyard in our school wear i was out there all morning :)....

umm me and my friend elle have started carrying round a balloon with a face on it which is a tester to see if we can keep a balloon alive till friday then she is comin over for a sleepover nd we will make a small balloon and put flour inside nd call it Daisy.  On saturday we are goin 2 Selfridges again where we will have 2 say our xmas party (lie) was being held soo oh well!!! we are gonna spend ALLLLL day there, starting of with clothes then moving on to the makeup department where we will both get our makeup done, will we buy anything? probs not but we will be taking pictures of everywhere we go and maybe a video or 2.

So that is it for my quick post and upcoming featurish thingy xxxxxx ttyl


  1. I love snow! Seems like it's snowing all over the world right now :)

  2. yeah its beautiful...i wish it settled more though and ur ppic is really pretty btw..