Sunday, 28 November 2010

Selfridges no haul but wishlist :)

wow-o-mmighty what a day i've had,
just realized i feel like im only do like wish lists and stuff but no hauls and stuff do u mind??? i have another wish list and some stuff to talk bout today :)

We found nd got some foundation testers by mac,  my friend elle got NW15 and i got NW25 which looks way to dark we both are probs NW20 which is really weird but oh well, testers r testers........

we looked around and got our makeup done my Benefit. ok it was DISGUSTING. we said we had a christmas party coming up and want our makeup done for a practis.e my perspn, Sobia, was terrible she put the Oh So Gorgeous foundation on WITHOUT COLOURMATCHING AND WITH A SPONGE put it on cakely then got a random pink glitter and put it on my eyes. RULE NUMBER ONE FOR FAIR SKIN ND BLONDE HAIR LIGHT PINK GLITTER MAKES U LOOK SICK AND DISEASED. it was HORRIBLE, i went to see elle's she had a nice eyeshadow on applied terribly though and nice face makeup. She had Boom Boom , blue gunmetal glitter, put on her eyes in a drag queen style with Amy Winehouse eyeliner, her face was done well with You Rebel Light, benetint and Girl Meets Pearl i think highlighter . she looked like a drag queen we WASHED IT OFF practically straight away, walked round for a bit then went to Lancome...

Lancome oh mighty bellisimo, we wanted more testers, cheeky us, and then look of there Juicy Tubes omg ok now wishlist all £14.....

Elle wanted:
Marshmellow Electro - smells like ROasted Marshmellows
Lychee - we both wanted this a nice sweet smell and the shop assistant kept on say ly-she 


Melon - a pretty purpley pinky which smells like watermelon which is even better cause of my blog name waterMELON
ooooo PompleMousse is my FAVOURITE EVER - its gorgeous sheer purple with irredescent purple yummy....
Peche - a pretty coral
our person helping us was sooooooo nice she said they do do foundation testers but she didn't want to give us one because our skin was too good :) it touched me......awww she was so nice

then we walked around abit ate some Artisan du Chocolat praline testers which Elle ended up buying, lucky her.......
Then we found an amazing new company: from america called Le Metier De Beaute, i could  not find a website and our guy called Brett was really helpful, he did Elle's makeup amazingly doing a smokey grey look. Loved it. He gave me a sheet (lol elle when u read this think of our joke, the she/iet) with all the products on it and mark the ones i love for eyeshadows i LOVED, they are big like slightly bigger then a 2p coin and were pricey, all £21 but amazingly pigmented:
True Colour Eyeshadows wish list:
Plum (fave) - Fawny brown with purple overtines, a GORGEOUS metallic colour which WILL BE PURCHASED.
Sequoia (Se-quoy-a) - A dark brown with red and purple undertones, could be compared to 100 Strokes, limited edition MAC or beauty marked...
Fig - a purpley mid light chocolate brown with red nd purple tones to it
Noir - a black but not pure black, with some brown tinge to it with a lot of irredescent undertones...
Spicy - a goldy brown, bellisimo
Rose Champagne - a light pink with a lot of gold in, no way near to the IDIOTIC glitter by benefit
Goldstone - pure gold with brown undertones
Midnight Sky - a gorgeous gunmetal matallic blue, lusm it
Peachy Keen - he used it as a blush on elle, a soft peachy rose with a tanned flush to it, perfect
Tamarack - a darker Sequoia 
Innocence - a soft light beigy brown
Milan - a strong bold dark green i think
Jade - a pale dark green (these two greens really appealed to me...

the colours of have a gold rosey tinge to them, or most of them do i will say g/r tinge probs but these wont have colour reference since it is hard to remember....
Paris - reddy g/r tinge
Thailand - a darkish pink with a plummy undertone
Dubai - a gorgeous purpley pink with g/r tinge
Uma Paro - a lighter dubai with added pink
Ibiza - pretty pink with g/r tones
Palm Beach - bright dark pink
Sydney - a nudey purpley with g/r undertones
then we went home and looked at my blog cause she never knew i had one week we are doing a longer selfridges trip so more makeup stuff comin up mon amies...

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