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Xmas Gift Guide part 3 - Lush and other bath companies. and oops it did it again......

Oh no oh deary my lovelies,
have u spotted it, the difference to my blog, look at the sides NOW, no add ons :'(, it has happened once before but i am scared, ive reached a lovely 22 followers for my blog and now i do not want u 2 be disappointed with it. So i'm gonna try my hardest to get it back to a lovely blog and maybe make a few design differents, yes i will still be blogging whilst working on this so my sight will be up and running nd soon better !!!

Well on a better note, do u want to see another xmas gift guide? YOU DO! great, i'll do one right now :) Todddaaaaays episide: Lush and Other Bath type thingy companies...

Starting of with Lush, i was gonna do some separate stuff but decided to stick with the gift boxes.....

12 Days of Christmas - £34.95
perfect for a sister or a mother who is lovin da lush...
includes: Snow Globe Soap
                                   Mandarin's Tea Party Soap
                            So White Bath Ballistic
                         Cinders Bath Ballistic
              Satsumo Santa
                             The Boog Bath Ballistic
                                 Winter Bath Bath Ballistic
                                            Ginger Bread House Bubble Bar
                                  Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
                                  Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
                              Candy Cane Bubble Bar
                   Glogg Shower Gel
Bath Time Favourites Tin - £24.95 (btw they are all bath bombs)
perfect as a little present for a good friend...
includes : Honey Bee
               Big Blue
                Sex Bomb
                     Lil Lush Pud
                So White
                    Winter Bath
Gingerbread House Tin - £13.95
Perfect for a sister (i'm either getting my 14-yr-old sister this or 12 days of xmas, depending on how much i save) 
Includes: Gingerbread Bubble Bar
                  Candy Cane Bubble Bar
                       Lil Lush Pud Bath Ballistic
             Cinders Bath Ballistic
Christmas Cracker - £6.50
PERFECT FOR A FRIEND or a stocking filler....
Includes: Cinders Bath Bomb
                      The Boog Bath Bomb

hmmm next company coming up out of 3 is...................Belle Ame
i've never ordered of the company but the products look so cute, i heard it from AllThatGlitters21, they dnt do gift boxes :( but the things are so fine and dandy anyways but sadly it is an american website...
 Buttercream Icing Bath Bomb - $4.95
 Ginger & Lime Bath Bomb - $4.95
 First Snow Bath Bomb - $4.95
 Stop and Smell The Roses Bath Bomb - $4.95
 Santa's Cookies Bath Bomb - $4.95
 Candy Cane Bath Bomb - $4.95
 Peppermint and Chocolate Soap - $6.95
 Cool Blue Soap - $6.95
Aquisse Large (comes in small) Shoreline Candle - $35.95 

Last company: Bath And Body Works (All candles $19.59)
Brown Sugar & Fig Candle
Caribbean Escape Candle
Cinnamon Stick Candle
Cranberry Woods Candle
Frosted Cranberry Candle
Frosted Cupcake Candle

Homemade Cookies Candle
Leaves Candle (many youtubers LOVE this)
Mint Chocolate Candle
Pineapple Mango Candle
Pomegranate Lemonade Candle (omg it looks good enough 2 eat)
Seaside Escape Candle
Secret Wonderland Candle
Snow Apple Mint Candle
Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion - $10.50
Twisted Peppermint Triple Moisture Body Cream - $12.00
Winter Candy Apple Triple Moisture Body Cream - $12
Vanilla Bean Noel Triple Moisture Body Cream - $12

i hope this help and what products do u want for xmas.........

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