Thursday, 25 November 2010

All i want for christmas is??????:::

Hey everyone,
decided to do a quick lil post bout everything i want for xmas but probs wont be getting :)
and give u a quick lil update for whats coming up : gift guide part 2 Random gifts under £50, some ootd hopefully and eotd soz for the lack of them i <3

What i want :

Sleek Bad Girl Palette -

Innocence, Gullible, Intoxicated, Envy
Blade, Gunmetel, Obnoxious, Abyss
Underground, Noir, Twilight, Rebel

It is meant to be a good dupe for the limited ediotion sleek Graphit Palette, neither of which i own, but i love doing smokey overly-dramatic eyes for parties and such variating from a dark sexy grey to an over dramatic risque blacks and darkers mmmm yay i need this palette.!

Sleek Good Girl Palette -

hmm u more of a fairy princess type person? not sexy glam grunge more like pretty angel? get this, ok ur thinking hmm (ash) blonde hair and blue/green eyes with fair skin and (ewwwy i hate them) frecklets + PINK = EWWWW WTF but no this i would not use on my eyes probs except stunning Lychee (the lightist) or meringue and maybe for xmas parties Morello...but wait even better idea =eye spy with my mascara covered blue/green eyes a BLUSH PALETTE called Sleek Good Girl, i c myself wearing meringue as a light high light and candyfloss as my blush maybe even cupcake...and maybe some gloss, add some clear gloss to pink punch and bamb an instent bright liippy. i want this.

Camera Ixus 8015 (or S dunno) in Pink, i have had this camera once before, in Pink, but it went missing :( in spring, i got it for my bday last Febuary 5th and went missing round a year later, warning u IT COMES WITH A CRAP oops c**p memory card my lovelies...go to rymans but a 4gb think for £6.99 - can take from round 11 pickys to 250 WOWZIES I KNOW....its amazing and good quality...
Prices vary.

Jack Wills Loudwater Ear Muffs in Pink/ prone to ear infections, cold ears, and cold weather in winter duh, so i need ear muffs especially in december/jan and these are perfect but not cheap!!! but so fluffy and cute x
- £34
ok i wont get either of these but: Allensmore Velvet Blazer ( has a bright pink coller underneath and its cute and classy and can brighten up any outfit and make it smart glam...yay
- £229
Ballingham Wool Blazer is also cute with a similar pink under collar thingy...but not velvet and so it is slightly smarter but same price -
wow oh mighty - Arkendale Sequin is so delicate soft and such a pretty cut covered in sequins, not the usual jack wills type thing, wow i would wear it with the gilet below but still slightly EXPENCIVE but soooooooo cute i want it...

Jack Wills Flocton Faux Fur soft, stylish and cute!!!! i love it, the colours great and sooooo cute goes perfectly with anything...
- £98
yay my mum said shell get me these from her...Short Uggs in chesnut :)))))...i have long grey ones but i really like these :))), my 14 yr old sis is getting short black ones, and my eldest stopped-blogging sister is getting dark brown i think or these colour button ones...

what xmass prezzies do u wish u could have in a dream world..xxxxxxx

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