Friday, 26 November 2010

Xmas Prezzies Gift Guide(Under £50) part 2 - Perfume

Hey friendies,

thought i might do a quick lil post about good xmas prezzies...i dnt own all of these but i do really want them...

(prices for 5oml)
Katy Perry - Purrs
a fruity sexy concoction of the cheeky fun side of katie, lasts age and very wearable and the bottle and packaging is tres cute, i love the cute katy-cat, meaning to be her in cat form??? ok, i love this and my fwendie said she would buy one for me :)
£29.99 - Superdrug for 50ml
a lovely a&f concoction, my sis works there so she constantly smells like this..a floral citrus and warm musk, meant to be for means but it is the fittest perfume around...great for boyfriends or urself...
A&F - £54
Mmmmm the sexiest fruity floral perfume great to spice up the relationship, i love it even though i'm only 12. so sexy and fun its the perfect parfume, ultra feminine and sooo glamourous i can just see the lights of the red carpet shining on me...
£45.50 - Boots

wow i found out about this program from season 1 90210, sponcered by Givenchy, and the advert would be this. it is a very feminine classic fun fragrance perfect for day work or spice up for evening...
£38 - avarage, varies.....Duty Free (airports)

ooh so thats it and how cool is this, an older year in my school is doing the mean girls candy cane idea, posters are everywhere saying Glen Coco candy canes (4 FOR U GLEN COCO, you go glen coco) ahhhhh, well decided to be slightly bitchy and regina georgy and try and see how many people will buy me some, hopefully a few, and might not buy any. i'm gonna try and beat Glen Coco's record of 4...mmmmm candy canes

xxxx merry near xmas

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