Wednesday, 1 December 2010

All i want for christmas is........

just a quickie xmas list...our school is also doing glen coco candy canes, from mean girls, so i might get my friends a few of those and i might get a few.....

all i want for christmas is........

 All i want for christmas Lush Box
 Coastal Scents Warm Palette
 Givenchy Very Irrestistable 
 Katy Perry Purrs (my friend Anoushka said she might buy me this :))
 Mac 239 Brush
 Mac A Tartan Tale, 5 sassy pink lasses (I REALLY WANT THIS especially the bright pink)
 Short Chesnut Uggs (my muma's is gettin me this)
 Sleek Bad Girl Palette (my friend Niamh, neev, is getting me this)
 Sleek Sparkle Palette (niamh might also get me this)
(so gorgeous <---)

 i might of got this the wrong way round....Lancome Juicy Tube in Pamplemouse
Lancome Juicy Tube in Melon (my friend Elle is getting me ONE of these, i'm getting her marshmello electro)

oh yeah another random thing one of my besties, and my deskie, jeanette has a blog and she REALLY wants an increase of followers. PLEASE CHECK HER OUT, and j if ur reading this feel free to get me whatever present u want (URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE xxxx) 
ill link her blog here
i really like her blog and its really cute, she does good updated posts and she does makeup really well and has a good collection :)....PLEASE CHECK HER OUT, now pause reading this, right click the word here /\ and check her blog out then press the FOLLOW  BUTTON, k got it now come back here..done well done and THANKYOU, and if any of u lovelies feel like gettin me a small prezzie and live in america I LONG FOR A BBW candle :) i love the sound of homemade cookies :) and frosted cupcake..YUMMY

xxxxxxxxxx check out her blog and merry first of decembre xxxxxxxx

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