Saturday, 14 August 2010

Lush Wishlist :)

Hey everyone,
Today me and ma familam when to r favey saturday place : Kings Road...we started of by going to Jack Wills, i love it, and trying on some winter stuff, like jumpers, looking at the expencive bags to c if we can get one for school :) sadly no but hopefully i will get 1, i didnt buy anything but i didnt have any money with me so i couldnt. then we went to the weekly market to get (chicken) dumplings :) yumyumyummy, then walked round a bit, trying nougat testers :)...then went to office to buy shoes for my sis, then went to our 2nd fave place (1st- Jack Wills),>

Luxury Bath Melts:

Mmmm Melting Marshmallow Moment

Dreamtime Bath Melt

Bath Ballistics:

Mr Whippy

Keep It Fluffy - Orange


Blackberry Bath Bomb

Keep It Fluffy - Purple

Think Pink

Waving Not Drowning

Honey Bee

Vanilla Fountain

Tisty Tosty

Bubble Bars:

Creamy Candy Bar

French Kiss

Ma Bar


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds


Ice Blue




Demon in The Dark

A Ring of Roses


Honey I washed The Kids

Sexy Peel

Rock Star

Sea Vegetable

Shower Jellies:

Whoosh Shower Jelly

Massage Bars:

Mange Too

Strawberry Feels Forever

Heavanilli Massage Bar

Soft Coeur

Fresh Face Masks:

Catastrophe Cosmetic - To get more vitamins etc.. on ur face

Cosmetic Warrior - To purify face (get rids of spots, dirt etc..)

BB Seaweed - Clean face, keep it clean (use day/s after Cosmetic Warrior)

Cupcake - For troubled/teenage skin (helps get flawless complexion, and smellls goooooood)

The Sacred Truth - HG item for oldies (protects signs of aging)

there is another thing i want, i think its a ballistic, its like chameleon shaped, like pinky/purpley/blue/green and it look so cool, it bubbles and fizzes and changes ur bath colours. WOWZIES....

i want all of these, and if there are any nice people out there...i love u xxxx

hth? xxxttyl


  1. Wow...great list! Loads of them are on my Christmas list...can't wait!
    The one i reviewed on my blog is waving called "Big Blue" btw, not "Waving Not Drowning" so feel free to keep it on your list lol.

    Stephanie xx