Sunday, 8 August 2010

30 Day Tag: 01. Your favourite song.

I have/ have had, many favourite songs, practically changing every 3 weeks. THIS HAS LASTED 3 MONTHS. Telephone by Lady Gaga ft. the beautiful Beyonce, is an upbeat personal song. Ok, describing this as personal might come to a shock but this song was written from true life, well not killin a restaurant or being chased my cops but when she was sent to prison, for i dont know y, and she got a call for Beyonce saying shell bail her out. Which she did. I love this song so much. My fave bit is the beginning and Beyonce's solo.

I have had other fave songs recently and previously such as :
Eminem ft. Rihanna = Love The way You lie, very popular, very emotional, very good
Eminem - Not Afraid = powerful, amazing, and so good
Florance And The Machines - Dog Days Are Over = amazing, good beat, good song
'' '' '' '' - You've got the love = Best remake of all time
Taylor Swift - Teardrops on My Guitar - so moving, such a good ballad

What are your fave songs? I tag all of u, comment on what ur answer is! xxxx

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