Tuesday, 10 August 2010

30 Day Tag: 03. Your favourite television program.

Wow, this is my fave show of all time. The past two series, i have been hooked watching it everyweek. My fave character has veried between Silver in the first series, to Adriana in the beginning of the second series, then Annie in mid second season then Naomi at the end of the second season. but my all time favourite guy is deffs LIAM/matt lanter, fit city.....
This show is amazing it has everything from romance to so much drama and comedy.

Other shows i love is Friends, The Hills AND DEFFINATELY O.C, i suddenly started watching it on DVD, and now im obsessed....
do u watch any of these shows?? which shows do u like? i would love to know

hth, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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