Wednesday, 11 August 2010

30 Day Tag: 04. Your favourite book.

Well i have 2 faves. Both i read recently and both i reccomend fully.

This is probs my fave out of the 2, but the other one i had to mention. i read this before Peaches, and this book WOW. its slightly creepy (a lot), but its also cytological, and confusing. BUT IT IS THE MOST MASSIVE PAGE TURNER eva. i read in the bath (who doesnt bloggers? its so relaxing. ) and my bathroom can get creepy, and reading this book was scaring me, the beginning is very creepy, and i couldnt put the book down but i was nearly crying. im a scardy cat :Z...i fully recomend this book, it is my fave book. nd since i read it, ive reccomended it to ALL my friends and surprisingly they all bought a copy.Its about a girl who gets a phonecall and then her life changes completely, she goes through amazement, fear, danger and love (not in love, but someone she did love) xxx if u like books which do the thinking for u but u still need to concentrate and u like addictive books that u cant put down, with a bit of fantasy and adventure. and alot of the heeby jeebies. READ THIS.

This is a way less sad book (does dat make sence to u honeybees???), but is full of emotion, its about 3 girls - Murphy, Birdie and Leeda who are all working on Birdie's peach farm. they form such a special bond. Its such a cute book, i even cried when it ended. also there r 2 'cute' guys in it...shared between 3 girls.. UH OH whats gonna happen WELL ur gonna have to read it to find out, since i fully reccomend it....I LOVE THIS BOOK, ive never read a book like it, and u learn so much about peaches (yay?).....if u love adventures and friendship and drama and romance read this...

I reccomend these books fully!!! i love them, at the moment im reading the Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging series. im on the 4th one at the mo and i think there really good i reccomend these as well? which oboks aRE U reading at the mo, and which ones do u reccomend?


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