Friday, 13 August 2010

Fleur De Force and Gemma(yay), Eyeko and NOTW....

Hey everyone (lol thought i would try a new entrance, JuicyStar07 much),
Well today i had such an AMAZING DAY. me and my non-blogging sister went to selfridges today, at 4pm. hmm wonder what i did. Well i met the AMAZINGLY amazing, beautiful girl: Fleur De Force . Ur probs familiar with the really sweet n cute name, well if ur not (shame on u), she is a makeup guru on youtube. i love her vids, i follow her blog, and after today she follows me...(SUPERDUPER YAY). She is a blonde goddess, i was starstruck just being near here, let alone having convos with her, omg im getting excitedc by thinking of it. We met a selfridges, and worked out there was more people then expected, and so we went to starbucks. we chilled with frappicinos and cappicinos and found out loads about everyone. then a fellow youtuber who works at eyeko :) gave us some free goodies, listed below...then my sister met up with us for a half hour. It was the groovyiest thing eves. we also met up with Gemma, another youtube guru... i had the most amazing day, i love u all.......and most of all can i thank Fleur and Gemma for an amazing time.

Eyeko - Well as i mentioned free eyeko :) WOOHOOOOOO.well it was like a lucky dip and this is what i got :

I got a nail Polish in Vintage Polish. The beautiful green on da left. And as eyeko said the 'only green to be seen in' wonder y, its gorgey

I got a graffiti pen (YES....), it is in jet black and my sis got it in blue and they didnt have brown :(, but i love it. its a better version of penultimate as one of my meetup friends said..... looks soo cool

The last 2 things i got are the Eyeliner Duo Liner nd Shiners. I got the purple/plum one on the left and the black glitter/silver one in the mid.. they look so good but its a bit odd they come flat at the top, might be to stop sharpness? do u know? tell me

NOTW: As u know, if ur a fan of Fleur (like me) u know she loves BarryM, as do i, and i love there new limited edition polish, perfect for the beach with a shiny topcoat needed though for best look even though i didnt do it, fleur reccomends its :). its a purpley/pink, very bright, amazing with a tan :) i love it...and if u never tried barrym b4 and want me 2 do a review tell me and ill do one!!!!! pic below! i also love da gold lid!

HTH xxxxxxxx

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Other people i met twitters:
there was more but i couldnt find them...sorry xxxx

xxx thanyou again fleur and gema for an amzing time


  1. So nice to meet you too! :D so glad you girls had fun! Gemma's blog is on and for the barry M top coat - try a matte one, not shiny (you can get one from Rimmel ;) xx

  2. cool, ill remember that, ok thanx... well everyone gemma's blog is as fleur stated was great to meet u2 , had such a great time xxxxxxxx :)

  3. Thankyou for coming it was so lovely to meet you :) Glad you like your eyeko goodies! xxxx

  4. i love my eyeko goodies <3 x it was lovely to meet u 2 , i had a blast...... xxxxxx