Sunday, 25 January 2015

Veganuary featuring Nakd and Natural Balance Foods

Hope you're all having an absolutely fab January - I know my year has started off fantastically and even better: my birthday is in less than two weeks! I also received the most exciting package from Natural Balance Foods with a bunch of Nakd goodies. As I've mentioned all over twitter and my blog before, I love the vegan lifestyle and I try to stick to it as often as possible. For 2015 I have pledged to follow veganuary - click the link to find out more about it! 

 I always find photographing plastic packaging so difficult - if WMRDX has any photographers reading this, I'd love to hear some tips in the comment section! I'm in desperate need of aid for photography skills. The food that isn't by Nakd, the chocolate buttons, gummy bears and chocolate spread, was bought from Holland & Barratt but I'm sure you can get them at Whole Foods and or online. 
Out of the food I bought myself, my absolutely favourite is the Organic Dairy Free (milk alternative) Chocolate Spread. When I wasn't vegan I rarely ate Nutella, but gosh I did love it! This is such a delicious vegan snack, I whip it on some rice cakes or strawberries for the best pick up. There is a strong hazelnut base in this - like in Nutella, but it tastes so much stronger and richer! It's a bit more of a crunchy texture but I absolutely love it.
The chocolate buttons are also such an amazing snack, I always crave a packet when watching Netflix. I haven't tried them for baking yet but I'm going to some time next week, hopefully I'll blog the recipe! The 'vegebears' are yummy and definitely satiate my inner sweet tooth but I'd prefer eating Wine gums (vegan) any day. 

Now onto the more interesting stuff! i was anticipating this package so much - so huge thank you to Natural Balance Foods and Nakd for keeping me full and happy during January. My favourite out of the two bars, Strawberry Crunch and Cocoa Mint, was probably Strawberry crunch! However, not photographed, I have a passion for their Cocoa Mania flavour. Strawberry Crunch has such a natural strawberry flavour - definitely not the usual artificial alternatives, and the crunch is so satisfying - its like almost a popping candy, biscuit texture mixed through the bar. My favourite thing about any of their bars is that they count towards 1/5 of your 5 a day (which is very important to achieve). For all you snackers and sweet toothes about their - keep an eye on their nutritional information because even though I have these as often as possible, they are quite high in sugar. After testing these all out, I ended up getting a bunch of my friends and family hooked on the cocoa Mint flavour - its one of the few mint bars, even including the non-vegan ones, where the mint is that fragrant and obvious.

The Fruit and Nut bites are also so amazing - and filling! i still find myself repurchasing bags of these just to fuel the addiction. They're so satisfying to eat and you always want another one, the vegan alternative to crisps or chocolate. This flavour is Chocolate Orange and it literally reminds me of a softer, less crunchy version of a Terry's Chocolate Orange. My mum keeps stealing packets of this because loves the flavour. Definitely one for those who like orange, I know I'll always keep buying these - they always will satisfy any craving!

Thank you so much Natural Balance Foods for this package, you've definitely got me hooked! I really recommend you check out their website for a great range of vegan snacks, including Nakd and TREK bars - which I absolutely love! let me know if you've taken up 'veganuary' and how you're handling it, any recommendations please comment below or tweet me! 

Disclaimer: Natural Balance Foods did send me the goodie bag but any thoughts or opinions about the products are completely unaffiliated. Nakd bars or any other sweet treats mentioned have completely honest thoughts written about them. Some food photographed as purchased with my own money.

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