Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Monograms (Collection/Haul)

Back again! Hope everyone is having an absolutely fab week, back to the jobs or back to school make sure you're all finding time to wind down, relax and enjoy yourselves! Today's post is slightly unconventional, and lets not forget almost pointless, but I was in the mood to blog and I saw my monogram stickers out the corner of my eye and thought why not. I guess you can say this a collection or haul but whatever, I thought you might see some humour in hoarding my initials. I originally saw monograms on SarahBelle93X's youtube, whom I absolutely love by the way - definitely one of my favourites, who too is a monogram junky and is infamous for saying 'if it doesn't move - monogram it!' Must say I agree, if I do say so myself.

Cheeky disclaimer before I start: this post is not sponsored, Zazzle nor any other brand is affiliated with this post or even know I'm doing it. All products featured were paid for by myself and nothing was scored from any connections or contracts or any other sort of sponsorship. All photos were taken on an my iPhone 6 (sorry for bad quality) and edited on 'Afterlight'. 

These here are my monogram stickers, that I have in three different colours. I know monograms are meant to have a middle name on the right, I don't actually have one - even though I'm convinced it's Dragon. My initials are 'PS' and I bought them in pink and white chevron, black and white damask and mint and navy print. They all came from zazzle.co.uk and cost £11.60 (without shipping)for 60 in total (20 of each). I bought them at a time of sale though, originally they were around £4.45 each, with the cheapest being the black and white ones for £4.  Annoyingly each of these designs came from three different designers. The pink came from stripedhope, black and white from antiquechandelier and the mint and navy ones from FantabulousPatterns. Each sticker is 1.5 inches and confusing the stickers themselves, even though printed in squares, are only circles. I put them everywhere, from my laptop to the spine of each of my school binders and even one on each side of my planner. My favourite would be the green and blue ones - I love the pattern and the colour combo. 

This is what the stickers look like on my planner, on the back I have the mint and navy one too but I couldn't photograph it without giving away too many personal details.

As seen in the photo above, this is my iPad Mini case also bought from Zazzle.The designer this time was Graphics_By_Metarla. I really recommend this brand, it arrived super quickly and its so pretty! The iPad itself is silver and white and therefore matches perfectly. I love how simply and sleek it is! I currently haven't stuck one of my stickers on the plain white back yet, or on the black inner cover, but I think I will soon. Its super great quality. However it was quite pricy at £33.95, with almost £15 shipping. I managed to get several discounts, from student, to sales and managed to get the main price of the item down to £23.76. Personally I think its worth it, not only is it customized, but its of the best quality and it is going to protect it solemnly.

Mind the dirty folders and the blurry words but I thought I'd just end with a quick picture of how some my monograms look together on the binders. I have 5 school binders, each of which with one of the three monograms on and I absolutely love them. My school has a wall of 6th form pigeon wholes and even though they're assigned, everyone can spot mine right away thanks to the stickers on the spine! I love them and I can't wait to order more.

If it doesn't move, I'm 99% that I'll monogram it. Who else is a massive monogram junkie? Any recommendations? I think I want a wall hanging to go above my bed but who knows, we'll see what happens. 
Have a good week, Raindrops

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