Tuesday, 10 December 2013

ASOS Items I Covet

ASOS has a fab collection at the moment and I thought I'd show you some of the pieces I covet most.
1) I feel midi skirts, not only being all the rage this season, are a lot more flattering than the normal bodycon mini skirt but I still don't see one in my wardrobe. After spotting this one on ASOS I know it's a must have and it's only £18. 
2) These velvet tube trousers are so cute. They come in black, £25, and green, £17.50. As you might realise when you read this post I have an obsession with velvet and I think these would be lovely on a night out. The green pair are so original and would look fab with a black crop top.
3) I cannot get over this parka coat, how adorable are the leopard print ears? I love the leopard print trim and collar and for only £80 I think it's a great deal.
4) This was the item that started off my whole wish-list, this velvet check playsuit is so perfect for this holiday. I love the neckline, it's appropriate but perfect for dressing up at night, and how it tucks in at the waist would make it really flattering. It zips up at the back and has two pockets on the hips, perfect for carrying your lipgloss and phone.
5) This was also one of the first pieces I spotted and instantly fell in love with, another velvet item. This blue velvet check crop top is lovely, I love the high neckline with the slightly longer sleeves, I think this would be an amazing NYE piece, maybe with a pair of leather-looking trousers. You could even dress this down with just a pair of black high-waisted jeans and boots. It zips up at the back and I think it is just completely amazing, and also fits with the tartan/check trend this season.
6) I mainly featured this crop top for the current price, it's only £5 reduced from £12! I'm not always a fan of black and white printed crop tops but I think this could be really cute with a pair of black high waisted trousers or even the midi skirt (no.1) with a leather jacket. 
7) These are just basics, just plain crop tops. I'm not usually a fan of the crop tops, or cami/tank-top shaped tees but for some reason I feel like I could style them with a lot of my current outfits. I know loads of people who have these exact ones and they're really soft and flattering and for £10 they should be.
8) Another velvet piece - what can I say? This navy blue colour is lovely and I love the back detailing, but this might be slightly harder to piece to style. This top also comes in different materials and colours if you don't like the velvet, or the colour. I personally think for a good quality top it's a good price at £17.50 (reduced from £22).
9) I love this top. I think it's a piece you can pick up whenever you don't know what to wear - it can't just be me who spends ages looking in their wardrobe thinking what can I wear with jeans today, or a skater skirt, or leather trousers and then just end up wearing a dress as the choice is easier. I think this is a top you'd be able to dress up, dress down and bring from day to night. I love the colours in it and I think it's really unique, i've never seen anything like it but I do wish it came in a variety of more colours, i'd like it in every combo.
10) Just look at the colour of this skirt. Most of you will probably know skater skirts are my go-to holy grail pieces in my wardrobe and I literally wear them with everything, so what could be more perfect than a velvet one in this gorgeous colour? It comes in red, rust and teal* and the colours just look so deep and perfect. ASOS pairs it with one of the biggest trends of the season, the fuzzy hairy eyelash jumpers (I know you know what I mean - what are they called?!) in either black or white but you could wear them with so much more. Maybe even one of the basic crop tops featured in no.7. 
11) Knitted jumpers are always a favourite of mine for winter, pair them with black jeans and black boots or a pretty skater skirt and bam you have my whole winter wardrobe. The colour in this is fab, it also comes in cream, I love this bright baby blue and would look adorable in the snow. Is it just me who imagines their outfits in the snow to know if they make the cut into your winter style? I think this is such a bargain for £35! 
12) I know you can't see the detail in the photo but it is a sequin white crop top. I think this is so cute and amazing for this festive season, perfect for any of those holiday parties. It comes in four colours but only the white is not on sale at the moment, full price of £25. The other colours are red (but looks more copper), silver and black - £17.50! I love the silver too.
13) Another piece in the vintage velvet check pattern, I'd love to wear this with a black knitted jumper. I think you could wear this in so many different ways and I'd love to have a go at styling this - and again it's velvet. 
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. ASOS has not asked me to write this, nor do they currently know I am writing it. All opinions are my own. None of the pictures are mine but are all sourced back to their websites.

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