Saturday, 7 December 2013

#TONIGHTIS: ASOS Christmas Party

On the 3rd December Islay and I headed over to the ASOS HQ to celebrate their christmas party with members of the ASOS team and loads of other bloggers. It was a fab event and I'm so happy to of had the opportunity due to #accessallasos. There were racks of their christmas collections, including rails from the ASOS Marketplace and even a rail of my favourite - Christmas jumpers! They had manicurists perfecting winter nail art and @OfficialSanta there to greet us all! I also managed to bump into Ellie, Lorna, Georgina and Marvelle! It was quite funny actually when I bumped into Lorna, we were in the cloak room at the very end of the night haha! I also managed to meet the lovely Hannah from! Surprisingly she was actually on my tube and I knew who it was straight away but I was way too shy to go up to her till a few hours into the event - i'm so awkward sometimes aha! But when I did manage the confidence to go up to her, she was so lovely and we had a really lovely chat! 
Islay and I

 Thanks ASOS for having me! 


  1. Ooo you took some stunning photos! I'm gutted I didn't take more but my phone ran out of battery and I couldn't be bothered to bring my camera! Such a bad blogger! I had such a good night and it was lovely meeting you! Hope to see you again soon :)

    1. Ahahaha half these photos are stoled off Islay's blog - I bought my digital camera but none of them turned out well haha! It was so great meeting you, can't wait xox