Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer Style: Wishlist: Skirts and Bikinis Part 1

Summer is coming and the hunt for the perfect wardrobe is undergo. I urgently need to go shopping so i've been browsing the internet for the ultimate inspiration, that means scouring instagram, tumblr, pinterest, other blogs and online websites! Effort - I know. But so far i've gathered I need 1000 more skirts, especially skater skirts, and bikinis. I know I also need 1405486745809683 other things, like summer dress - don't even get me started, and shoes but I thought i'd do a few-part series. So here's the first instalment: Skirts & Bikinis. 

 These are from and can be found here. They are only £14.99 each and are in really cute pastel colours. I've featured mint and lilac, but they also have candy pink. My problem with theses are how light and creamy they are, and how pale I am. I think pastel colours are totally amazing, but on fair skin girls like me - they tend to wash us out. I featured the mint simply because it is my favourite colour but is so light it's nearly off-white. I think the purple is the most vibrant, and the least likely to wash me out. I do think if your any shade darker than me (most likely) you should get these! Another problem is my height, i'm 5'8'' and these look rather short. I wear high-waisted skirts really high-waisted, mainly because my waist is a lot smaller than my hips - not to make it shorter and i'm in fear these can go too short too quickly. I mainly only wear skirts high-waisted and if these turn out to be hip-level i'd be rather annoyed. What are your thoughts? 
 These are from two very different brands. The one on the left is and the one on the right is The boohoo Leanne Box Pleat Scuba Skater Skirt is a cheap at £12, in really cute colours. I featured the mint, simply because it's my favourite colour. They also have lime and pink! The nastygal Higher Lover Skater Skirt is extremely expensive (for what it is) at £27.25 (converted from dollars to pounds). It only comes in one colour, Berry, but I think it's lovely and can be dressed up and down.  

These are all from River Island, and all £18 except the coral that is only £16! The Pink textured skirt is a really cute colour, it looks slightly darker than the Nastygal one but slightly brighter. I'm not mad in the texture look that the pink and blue feature but the colours are cute - just not worth the price? I do love the coral one though and I think it has the perfect shape to it and is so girly and summery. 
This is neither a bikini or a skirt, but a bustier. A rather promiscuous one at that. The Erotica Lace Bustier by Nastygal is £24.95 and I think it is the perfect example of how to dress up a skater skirt. It also comes in black but I think the white would be more useful. It's a bit sexier than my usual taste, but I think it's totally cute - worn with the right thing. I wouldn't go near it if I was a common-butt-short-and-six-inch-heels-wearing-orange-slut but I think it could be quite tasteful worn correctly. 

These bikinis, all from H&M, are relatively cheap, and vary between £12.99-£24.99 (first two are £12.99, the one on the right is the latter). I am a, shocking, 34D bra size - hopefully I won't be harassed about why I wrote this, I don't think it's something I shouldn't say, so I tend to go for more supportive shapes. I find bandeaus just look shit on me, so I never buy those. I do like triangle shapes but I haven't found any i love yet. I love H&M bikinis because I tend to get new ones each year and they are cheap enough they won't break my bank balance as they would be replaced rather soon. I think the aztec print could be really cute, as could turquoise. I like the gold detailing on both. The one on the right has been really controversial to me. I didn't like it at first, thinking it looked tacky. But now I'm starting to really like it, and I think - worn on the 'right body' could look really cute.

These are just some of my ideas for cute skirts and bikinis. I'm not saying i'm going to get these, but just inspiration and what I like. What do you think of these? Where/what are you getting for this summer?


  1. I love these type of skirts but sadly can't wear them cause of my massive child bearing hips haha x

    1. ahahaha awww! There must be a way! xo

  2. I love that mint one from boohoo, so affordable as well. It's definitely something I'd buy but unfortunately I always find that boohoo clothing is too short for me ):
    Lovely post! xx