Sunday, 23 June 2013

Instagrams of the Months May-June 2013

I'm back from exams and I survived. I have many posts coming but I thought my 'come-back post' should have something to do with my past month i've not blogged in, so here it is! My instagrams of the month. Coming up I will also do many outfit posts, an exam post, a summer post and many more! 

These are with my friend, Millie. Snog, frozen yogurt, is open till midnight - well the one closest to me is! It was 10.30pm on a Friday and I got bored so I phoned Millie up and within twenty minutes we were found in Snog, on St John's Wood High Street - London. It is inevitable to go to this Snog, especially on a Friday, without bumping into anyone. We decided that two little-size fro-yos with toppings were £4.90 each (x2 - £9.80 I think), so very strangely of us we ordered one Massive with three toppings - £9.90. It was hilarious as this size is bigger than an average head and definitely has more than five times the amount of frozen yogurt than a little. We got half vanilla and half chocolate with marshmallows, oreos and a huge brownie - healthy right?
These were taken the night my exams finished, on the 17th. A close friend of mine, Ella, decided to throw a bbq in her garden. She has a trampoline, hammock, a fire pit, and a swing so it was an awesome night. There was loud music and dancing and it was just totally fun - but it sucked knowing we were up till late and school was the next day. The photo on the right is a close up of (right-left) Harriet, Raph and I on the hammock. 
Some random shots of me. The one in the left is of my eyes wearing the grey and silver shades in the Naked 2 Palette. The one on the right is of me and Jeanette - someone you must know so well by now as I mention her in nearly all of my posts. We're in H&M just being complete fools in their crazy cat sunglasses.
These were taken on my sister's 17th. She was gifted an amazing pink Figero. The car was originally grey and my mother got it painted pink, the deck of the car is pink as is the piping on the car seats, ooh and the centre of the steering wheel. Not only is it the perfect barbie car, it is also convertible! She is a very lucky girl! I can't wait for her test to be past so we can road-trip with the roof down blaring Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepson (#commonwhitegirl)
The one on the left is of my hair cut. My hair has always been long but on the left it was down to my hips, so now it's just above my belly button! The dress is from Topshop. On the right is an outfit post.
Jeans - Abercrombi
Cardigan - Topshop
Bag - Longchamp 
Top - Primark
Sunglasses - H&M
Shoes - Converse

These 'deep' photos were taken the night before my exams started, silly me went out ha! These were taken by Jeanette on The Kings Road, Chelsea - London. It was a lovely evening of frozen yogurt, Brandy Melville and a bit of sun.
Sunglasses - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Top - Jack Wills
Black Pumps - Topshop
Purse - Hermes
For those days of revision when you just have to take a selfie. On the left is with my friend Elle, hard at work in geography and biology revision. On the right there's me, and my cat of course, doing some Classical Civilisation revision.
This was taken on the day of Tanya Burr's london meet up in Covent Garden - London, with Jeanette. We built her a build-a-bear but we never got the chance to give it to her because it got cancelled nearly as soon as she arrived, but we will send it off. It's called UnicornBurr.
When you get bored on London Transport so you just whip out your phone. These are with my best friend, Amberli. We do look really similar in these photos, but we don't look at all this similar in person. She's on the right on the top two, and middle in the mirrored one.
The one on the left is of my passport photo I recently had to take. I have so much makeup on, it barely looks like me! It's annoying that my pressed powder, blotted around my lips, showed up in the photo. On the right is a cheeky lip selfie of me wearing Topshop lipstick in Hazard with Nars Super Vendome lipgloss over top. I can't find this lipgloss at the moment, and it's really upsetting!