Thursday, 27 June 2013

Favourite Summer Nails

I'm currently at school but we're watching a movie in Classical Civilisation so I thought I'd schedule a post. Summer is quickly approaching and I've chosen 10 of my favourite nail colours; from pink to blue from shimmer to matte, to feature in this post.        
               From l-r (pinky-thumb)
               on my left (pinks) hand:
           BarryM Gelly: Pomegranate
           BarryM Gelly: Papaya
           BarryM Gelly: Dragonfruit
           BarryM Gelly: Grapefruit 
           Topshop Varnish: Flamingo Coral 

                From r-l (pink-thumb)
      on my right hand (rainbow) hand:
            Essie: Turquoise & Caicos
       Topshop Varnish: name rubbed off
 (With L.A Colours in Wired underneath)
     Rimmel Metal Rush: name rubbed off
 (With BarryM in Berry Ice Cream under)
            BarryM Gelly: Greenberry
            Essie: Poppy (I think)1
On my right hand (non pinks) more than five colours are featured, this is because  on the Rimmel and Topshop shades they are more like pearlescent overcoats but can be worn on their own but just be less  opaque. 
Here's a close up. I would walk you through step by step about the colours but wouldn't that be too dragging? I'll talk you through my favourites. On my left hand I love Papaya (second to the left). It's my mother's favourite and at school everyone complimented it and with a tan it would look amazing. I also love the colour just to the right of Papaya. It's an opaque vibrant bubblegum pink. Most Barbie pinks look to harsh, streaky or light on my hands but this looks so cute and girly. The topshop colour, on the right, is my least favourite. I put two comparison nails on each hand, I definitely prefer Papaya as my 'summer coral'. The Topshop one is darker, more pink and less vibrant.

On my right hand it's a lot brighter. The red is my go-to red, it leans more in the orange side than true blood red. My two comparison nails are obviously the two mint ones. On my pointer I have Greenberry, which most people seem to prefer. It's less mint and more greeny bless blue mint. It's also a lot brighter. Turquoise and Caicos is a bit sheerer and darker but a lot more mint/Tiffany blue.
The two middle colours (the shimmers) have a base colour to make it more opaque. My middle finger has a lilac base and an overcoat with a lilac shimmer with green and gold reflects. On my ring finger the colour is really unique. It's a dark blue with silver glitter and loads of purple reflects. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I'd love to know your favourite summer colours!


  1. Love the colours!


  2. Lovely picks! I love the Barry Gelly polishes xo
    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  3. Everyone loves the Barry M Gelly polishes, but I really can't get them to last on me! I'm loving the MUA polish in Lush Lilac atm, it's surprisingly nice.

    Hannah x

    1. oooo that's weird! Have you tried doing a whole file and buff stage before with a base coat on and maybe a top coat too? Try it and see if that works, because they are lovely! I've never tried an MUA shade but i will check it out! I do love their eyeshadows xo

  4. I love the BarryM Gel polishes,

    they are such lovely colours and you dont even need a top coat!

    now following,

    1. its brilliant isn't it! Aww thank you for following! and commenting! ahah. I'm checking out all my new followers and #bbloggers #fblchats girlies tomorrow and will follow you then - promise! xo

  5. You have some really lovely colours here, you can't beat a bit of Barry M xx

  6. ohh I love all the colours especially the barry m gelly hi shine ones

  7. You have picked some gorgeous colours! I really need to go and buy some of the Barry M Gelly polishes, I am a complete nail polish addict so I don't know why I haven't already picked some up!xx

  8. I love Barry M Greenberry too, although developed a soft spot for the Rimmel Salon Pro Polish in Hip Hop - you should check it out!

    Thanks for sending your link over in the #bbloggers chat :-)

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose