Saturday, 4 February 2012

Forever 21 Wish List: Spring & Summer

Hey Girls,

i've been stalking the web today as i usually do and looking at spring/summer fashion! Especially summer because this summer i'm going to Camp! ahh sooo excited! i've never been before, and i want to go to a camp in America! I'm so excited! I think i'm going to go to this really cool one in Pennsylvania where you get like parties on the beach, boys, water parks, horse riding, skate park, cheerleading, surfing and so much more! i'm so excited! So besides losing weight, fake tanning, bikini buying, tumblring and all that other pre-summer/camp thigns i need to buy CLOTHES! duh! soo i went on the web and tried to find a few lov-el-y pieces online and found some gorgus things on Forever 21

loooove this dress! i love red on clothes, makes everything pop! and it makes people look slimmer, on me i guess...And this type of dress is really slimming! + its SO CUTE, check out dose ruffles! ahaha so cute over a bikini! or just on another summers day <3 

Want this for a reason, in the summer my school has an event called 'White Day' and as a reunion to the schools old uniform we all wear suitable white appropriate dresses.And this one is soo cute, with the synching at the waste and a cute chest ruffle it's so cute! AND IT'S LACE! and it's a sundress! and it would be soo cute for camp beach parties! 

Does this not scream American Summer camp? ahaa i'm so excited! this top is soo cute! i love the pinkness of it and the anchor is so summery and it just screams cute! 

Camp date nights - they have this date night game ahaha! this top is so cute! perfect for a disco with high waisted shorts and realllly cute sandals or my signature fit flops with the letter P for Perdi on it. Aha i love this top, the colours and the sequins are so me! 

Aha i just noticed these BEAUTIFUL earrings match the top just above and the top just below it. These gorgeous ombre coloured earrings are sooooooo amazing! i love these things.they are soo cute! and with hair up they would look stunning! like with a pair of shorts! mmm beauts! need. these.

this is the last clothing item and final item in my whole wish list and its this gorgeous flowly angelic top with a gorgeous neckline..

All items sourced and from Forever 21

Have you ever been to a summer camp? Comment below, i'll look it up! What's your thoughts on these clothings?

Perdi @ WMRDX


  1. Nice list! I'm loving those earrings! I have a dress similar to the first one, but it's a coral-y color. It's a great beach coverup!


  2. I love the things you've picked out! My friend and I are applying for Camp America next year to be camp after our first year at uni! It sounds so fun!


  3. @Savannah i know! i love them! oooo that dress must be so stunning! Beaches <3 xxx

    @Hannah Thanks! i was gonna apply for Camp America, but aren't there a few around, which one are you planning to go to? xx

    1. Oh you don't find out until you get recruited :) I'm too old to actually go to a summer camp now, so instead me and my friend are going to apply to work at one! This is the website :)

    2. ommfg. thats sooo cool! what happens if u and ur friend get recruited into different ones :o, so funny if u worked at mine! lollllllllllll xx

    3. We will have to see what happens :) We're applying for summer 2013! It would be so funny if we ended up at the same one haha! xx

  4. Yet it would be so fun, let alone funny! Us beauty bloggers having makeup-rific chats and + having a friend working there gives me a chance to have a later curfew - oooooooooooo yeah :D! it would be so cool x

  5. WOW! Are you going to Camp America Perdi?:D I thought you had to be 18 that's why I didn't apply *cries* :'( Anyway, yet anotherrrr great post!

  6. You look absolutely adorable! i love your outfit! it's so vintage looking and pretty! I love Shopping also.

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