Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Wants!


For you today i have a much smaller post about my wednesday wants! My birthdays in 11 days so anybody wanting to get me a prezzie: ellllloooooooo!!!

I have i think 9 things i listed which i've seen around and i LOVE <3

Starting off on the left side i have:

these beautiful Miss Selfridge: POLAR White Suede Ankle Boot - £70 £35 are amazing, the black ones are nice too! And they are quite cheap on sale!! 3.5 inch heel, so i would be 5'11.5-ish, i'm 5'7.5/5'8 - tall for a 13 year old! aww they're adorable and similar to the ones i wanted from Forever 21 but they stopped selling it and those were sooo cheap (24.99) but they were 4inch! But i love the white ones! 

The shoes below it are the Miss Selfridge: Benji Black Shoe Boot...these are 5.5''!!!! So i would be 6'1ish in these so likeliness i would never wear these in fear of being too tall! But they are so cute and like still smart! 

This lipstick is M.A.C's Impassioned Lipstick ahh ommfg i love this so frickin much. Each time i go to Selfridges with my friends (practically every 10 days) or whenever we go out we put on Bright lipstick...My friends: Rebecca and Jeanette, my shopping buddies, put on  a bright red (Bex) and a hot Raspberry (jeanette) and i always put on a hot pink cause i have fair skin and stands out and twice coincidently i put on the same one, Impassioned by MAC..Hannah @ whichwaytowonderland loves i! And i adore it too! It's hot pink! 

On the page on the right, it starts off with Jack Wills Farleton Dress in Navy Boat...It's a gorgeous strapless dress, sweetheart neckline with little white sailing boats printed on it! HOW CUTE?! i'd love to wear this with a brown belt, a denim jacket and some adorbs sandles! need it! 

On the right is the Topshop highlighter in Sun Beam, my sister has this and it is literally a pure gold highlighter. All of mine are peach/champagne/pearly and this is GOLD! it looks amazign on as well! 

Below are two topshop lip colours, the lipstick is a hot dark pinky colour with blue undertones! soo cute! its a bit of a raspberry so its different to Impassioned. the colour is All About Me, and i need it! The lipmarker next top it is a bubblegum pink in the colour Popsickle

The last bag is from Topshop, the £58 Mint Twist Handle Leather Bag is only £58, perfect for spring AND IT'S MINT! i love it, will make it my new school bag! 

That's it for today y'all! 
Perdi @ WMRDX

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