Thursday, 19 January 2012

Girl Crush: Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale

Hello again,

I'm surprised that i've not done a girl crush on these two already but theres always time! Ashley Benson & Lucy Hale are stars in the ABCFamily hit, Pretty Little Liars. Benson plays the beautiful blonde: Hannah Marin and Hale plays the quirky brunette: Aria Montgomery. I've done other girl crushes from the PLL series such as Shay Mitchell! but i just tumblrd a picture of these two looking amazing! two looks i deffs will recreate! 

Now here is some girl-crush-worthy ladieeees..

I'll start off with Ashley/Hannah! 
This look in this picture is what drew my eyes, along with her glowing uber tan legs (do you recommend Sally Hanson leg thingy the spray - i want legs like these!!!). I will deffs recreate this look and i think imma do a D/G.I.Y finged top like this. I love the bright yellow dress top and the multicoloured scarf and that jacket totes just chills it down! I also love her hair in this photo, a summer Ash-Bens inspired OOTD is coming up. i bet on it.

As you can see she often has soft waves running throughout her gorgeous blonde hair, usually just below shoulder length! on her lips she usually has a dusky pink and her blush is often very neutral but theres one pic of a gorgeous dusky rose prominent of her amazing cheekbones! 6 down i think! she always looks amazing in her flowly dresses - usually short! she loves detail as you can see and isnt afraid of colour though she usually sticks to black and white! I love her hair the most! it always looks AMAZING! im so jealous of her! 

Moving on to Lucy Hale...

Lucy's style is a lot more rockerish yet delicate. Like she would use a delicate shape with an edgy pattern or mix and match, i love it! She is quite petite and has quite a boyish/straight figure but smallens her waist with often belted or structured clothes! She usually wears short and wears amazing heels! 

In the picture of her and Ashley i love the delicateness of the top and the awesome bright blue shorts - another look i would recreate! 
She often eyelines her eyes quite close to the lash line with a really dark black and is often glowy/dewy, i also love the brown smokey eye she is often seen with! 

Ahh i love these two so much!
What do you think of these girls? Do you watch pretty little liars? Comment below!

lusm and ttyl


  1. I love pretty little liars, although I haven't watched the past series! Have you read the books? They are amazing!

    Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale are both gorgeous!

    Hannah xx

  2. @Hannah I love the books! ive read all of them accept the new ones that like just came out, Twisted and the other one! but i neeeed to read the news ones! i love the books just as much as the tv show, maybe even more cause u can read endless books but only watch the episode once a week! ahaa

    I know, arent they amazing?
    Perdi xx

  3. I've watched the series, Love them. Every girl has a different style. Can't decide which one I like better.

  4. @Barby
    ahaa love ur GFC name btw! i know i cant decide either! ahaha i love the series!! xxx

  5. I love both! They both have the best style in Pretty Little Liars. x