Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lipsy Loves!


i'm back with a Wish List, haven't done one in a while. This one is dedicated to all things:
i used to not like lipsy, i still hate some of there things like all the skintight, knicker-length dresses! but i love all there ACTUAL dresses, since i prefer not to be dressed in skimpy material :p and i have a few events coming up in February: birthday, friends party, friends party, Capital VIP (under 18s bash) and stuff i need outfits for, well one of my friends party me and my friends are dressing up as cats! meooow! well basics it has no theme but my lovely friend, Amberli, suggested lets dress up......AS CATS, so whiskers and ears..HERE WE COME, theres gonna be like 15 of us all dressed as lil kitties :p
Back to the point, i was looking at the web and sound some lovely lil things:

 i surprisingly think this dress is really cute - in a beach coverupy way! i like the pleats and will look the bomb over the bikini! especially with a tan: come ere boys ;)
Pleated Off The Shoulder Dress - £50

 theres a story behind these two, in the summer i have a school event to go to and it is compulsory to wear a WHITE appropriate dress, preffs one with sleeves and not too short, but even though this is short it has a high neckline and long sleeves and ill get it a size up maybe, i LOVE the dress on the right. i like the small cuffs on the sleeves and the embroided detail and the rims round the hem of the dress! the other one is simple and classic and cute though! and the peter pan collar is adorbs! and the fact is has beads! 
All Over Beaded Shift Dress - £65
Beaded Collar Shift Dress - £60
/\ odd to think that all that added detail is only £5...
 One of the main reasons i like this dress is cause of the ditsy model! i love lace and cream and sweetheart necklines = ADORABLE
*oo my i just say right this moment Alexa, smokeypinkleopard from youtube, just tweeted me :D
Lace Embroidered Skater Dress 
 ADORE THIS TOP! Pretty Girls Love tops <3,i love the song pretty girl rock and this top just sums it up, i also love the song: i wanna be a slut, i wanna be a drama queen but i dont know the name and this is just like the personified version of the songs! its soo cute! 
Pretty Girls Tee - £28
 This is the amazing playsuit! Look at the super V and the cape arms! i love the bow belted in and i just love the whole ensemble! 
Open Sleeve Bow Playsuit - £60
shorts shorts shorts shorts shorts. everyone knows i LOVE shorts, when i say love. i would marry them, they are my fashion fetish. when i see them, i need em. i have a pair of navy highwaisted ones already but these are so 'Hello Sailor' i need these.
High Waist Button Shorts - £35

till next time...

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