Monday, 13 February 2012

Birthday Haul!

Hey Raindrops,

On Sunday it was my momentous 14th Birthday! Ok, i know. I'm young. whaccha gonna do bout it? But i turned one year older and gotta a hella load of stuff from friends and family which mainly consist of books and makeup so i thought i'd blog it! 

So let's start! 
 One of my sisters got me a bunch of books, and she said there are still more to come! 
A few i got:
Untamed - P.C Cast
The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han
Forever - Maggie Stiefvater
The Hunger Games
Sweet Little Lies - Lauren Conrad
and a few more! If you've ready any of the books i've mentioned or in the photo! Comment down below, tell me so i can know if there good and we can do book-bonding haha! Also comment if there is any you want me to do a gliterature on! 
I also got the Cox Cakes and Cookies recipe book, which is a cupcake shop opened by Patrick Cox and there cupcakes are AMAZING! and at £4.50 a go they should be.

 Bath and Relaxation wise i got 3 lil lush gift boxes, one a christmas one ( :/ ), Good Karma gift box by my lovely amazing beautiful friend Evie (i-love-her) and another gift box called Outa this world from someone else..
I got from Jeanette, a Vanilla Birthday Cake philosophy large shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath! I looove this! it lingers in ur hair longer then the lush ones do! 
I got this lovely orange blossom scented soap from my friend 
and from my mother i got a huge Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Candle, i am gonna find out where that is from and buy loads. my room smells amazeballs! 

 Makeupwise i got loads! most of the makeup featured in my wednesday wishlist i tihnk 2 weeks ago got bought! 
I was given a Mavala gift set, Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss, a ROCOCCO nail polish, topshop highlighter in sunbeam, topshop lipstick in it's all about me, Rimmel/Revlon Day-to-Night mascara, Stila lipgloss trio, Benefits WattsUp! and MAC's impassioned lipstick, Max Factor lip stain 

my wonderful friend Mariam also got me a Ed-Hardy makeup set, i use the mirror for this a hell of a load and the bronzers pretty! 

 For perfume wise, some of my friends got me Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo.
This scent is nice, not my favourite, but nice. It contains pear and woody scents like almond, these are my mums fave scents so she loves it! I find the packaging really cute the snakeskin box is adorable though i find th bottle copied Victor Raulf's Flowerbomb fragrance which i really want. My mum loves this scent if it helps. it's quite mature...

The 2nd scent i A-DORE. From jeanette again, she always gets it Spot on! This is Aura by Swarovski, and is beautiful! It contains my three favourite scents, apple, vanilla and rose! The body lotion lingers on your skin and is divine! Fullly recommended! My friends always say i smell really good when i wear, even a teacher once when i walked into a classroom said 'oooo what's that sent' and someone responded with 'It's perdi!' I LOVE it. and the packaging is soo cute! and came with this gorgeous clutchy/eveningy/makeupbaggy pouch! 

And we can't forget the camera! the thing i took all these pictures on! I got the Canon Ixus (again i know but i love these!) 112 HS in Pink! they stopped doing baby pink but the hot pink is soooooo cute! 

My next post is gonna be a lush and forever21 haul, might be up later! 

Perdi @ wmrdx


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    1. ahaha ik! i was treated this year <3 thanks for commenting! x

  2. Replies
    1. when i saw i got another comment i thought it would be a nice/proper/serious/complimentery one but no its Jeanette ahahaha lusm! i did it ahaha x!

  3. Everything you got looks lovely, you're a lucky girl! I hope you had a nice birthday :) I love the Lauren Conrad books, I can't wait for the new series to come out! x

    1. Ahaha thank you, i was very lucky this birthday! u love L.C's books too! New series? Ooo must read! xxx

    2. If you haven't read Sweet Little Lies or Sugar and Spice I won't give too much away, but Madison is getting her own series :)

    3. Oooo is she now! i don't really lke her but i bet its good! i love her books xx

  4. Hey Perdi! Just Discovered your blog, I'm the same age! I LOVE Lauren conrad, and her books are amazing right?
    Anyway, feel free to pop by my blog if you like it and I look forward to speaking in the future. Maybe we could even do some guest blogging or each other :)
    Take Care,
    Autumn xx

    1. Ommfg! Autumn, i just like awwwwww out loud when you commented this! i love getting comments from lovely people like you! I will definitely pop by, let alone follow and more then willing to guest blog! Ahhh more bloggers our age, us lucky younglings.....
      I look forward to speaking to you,
      Perdi xxxxxxx

      btw LOVE YOUR NAME

    2. Aww thanks Perdi and your name's lovely too, it's kind of unusual! Like mine XD But thanks for following and we will keep in touch!
      Autumn xxxxxxxx

    3. haha thank you, i hate my name its short for Perdita (per-dee-tah, not Per-dit-ta haha), its too unusual! i love season names hahahaah!